Japan to Release 35th Anniversary Edition of Rocks by Aerosmith

Two-CD package will be filled to the brim with extras of all kinds.

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Japan seems to be one-upping the American and European markets with the recently announced 35th Anniversary Edition of Aerosmith’s landmark classic, Rocks. And it’s no slouch either. In fact, the new reissue of Rocks is getting a whole lot of extras inside the package to make it one that just might be worth spending the extra bucks for.

Rocks was released in 1976 after the breakout hit of Toys In the Attic. Toys In The Attic (1975) charmed its way up the charts with “Sweet Emotion” and “Walk This Way” as the hot radio hits that peaked the album at #11. It’s no surprise that expectations for the band rode high when Rocks became available just one year later. Rocks shipped with unit pre-sales of a cool million giving it platinum status right out of the gate. Rocks has since sold millions more. Rocks is considered by Rolling Stone magazine in their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time compilation, pegging the album at number 176, underscoring its importance.

AerosmithRocks.jpgOn November 8 (although this date is spotty with different sources declaring various date, it is pegged to release in November), Sony Japan will reissue Rocks making a whole lot of Aerosmith fans quite pleased despite a price point at near $90 (USD). There are some reports that the album will feature a new 2011 remaster although not all sources have stated as such. What is definitely known is that the two-CD package will feature not only the original album, but will also offer demos, rare tracks, and live tracks from the Rocks period.

The 35th Anniversary Commemorative Edition will add in a 28-page tour program replica, a Japan Tour poster replica (Nippon Budokan), a Japan Tour ticket replica (Gunma Sport Center), Japanese 7” artwork replicas for singles, “Home Tonight”, “Back In The Saddle”, and “Last Child”, and four postcards of photos.

If you have patience, I’m fairly convinced that the US and UK markets will follow with revamped packages. However, it is equally important to detail that this Japan package is in line with an expected new Japan tour that begins on November 22. Regardless, I’m left to wonder, with the release of this Rocks anniversary package, whether Japan may have just uncovered a cash cow, producing what other countries will not.


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