Jeff Bridges To Release New Solo Effort

Jeff Bridges delivers country-styled songs on his latest album.

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It’s no surprise when an actor or actress wants to do a music album because they’ve fancied themselves capable, having performed in a film where singing was required (now let’s do an album!), or they have skill and can do it. In all of that, we’ve even seen and heard of actors and actresses who pursue the thrill of a band and tour but never move beyond that. A personal favorite of mine will always be Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, Resident Evil series, Dazed and Confused), who, at 16, crafted a remarkable but unheralded album of original songs but was never heard of in that arena again, at least legally.

One of the world’s great actors, Jeff Bridges, after an Oscar-winning turn in Crazy Heart, has decided to turn his complete attention to an album of songs in the same vein of music as that created for his role in that film. Prior to this album, Bridges had released a mixed bag of tunes in 2000 named Be Here Soon. On his latest offering, Bridges is musically nurtured by producer T Bone Burnett for an album of country songs. The new album is collection of tunes, 11 in all, that are largely shared writing collaborations, with Bridges contributing two self-written originals.


Signed to noted jazz label Blue Note Records, the self-titled label debut has not only enlisted the help of veteran T Bone Burnett, whose skill in this style of music is world renowned, but has also secured the help of well known country singers as guest vocalists. Some of the names include Rosanne Cash, popular Lost Highway Records recording artist Ryan Bingham, alternative rock singer Sam Phillips (who has also worked with Burnett), and New West Records recording artist, Benji Hughes. (Ryan Bingham wrote and sang “The Weary Kind,” and plays a minor character in Crazy Heart.)

Jeff Bridges has played the iconic Dude in The Big Lebowski , an alien in John Carpenter’s Starman, the skeptic psychologist in K-PAX, and dozens of other challenging roles, all of which have done their part to endear him to his fans over the decades. With the value attached to Bridges' turn as the ‘to be pitied’ Bad Blake in Crazy Heart, and its musical storyline and content, it is no surprise that Jeff Bridges would want to revisit that kind of good karma for a chance to leave a stronger mark in music, unlike his previous effort.

Jeff Bridges will release in CD and DD formats on August 16. The LP version will follow on August 23.

Jeff Bridges track-listing:

  1. What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do
  2. I Will Wait
  3. Falling Short
  4. Maybe I Missed The Point
  5. Tumbling Vine
  6. Nothing Yet
  7. Blue Car
  8. Slow Boat
  9. Either Way
  10. Everything But Love
  11. The Quest

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