Legacy to Release Miles Davis: The Original Mono Recordings

The nine CD box will feature new remastering of the mono originals.

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Since the late '40s, Miles Davis had been giving the world great music, first on the Prestige label, then on Columbia Records, where he left behind extremely memorable classics including the best-selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue, from 1959. Prestige titles aside, the early Columbia Records years from 1956 through 1961 produced some incredible and enduring Miles Davis works. During this period, and before the complete acceptance of stereo (stereo tech arrived around 1958, but was not widely used until later), music was recorded in mono playback for the single speaker. This represents nine titles from the Miles Davis catalog. Those nine will be returning to fans in the way of a nine-CD box set called The Original Mono Recordings.

MilesDavisMonoBox.jpgThe classic Davis titles in this collection are 'Round About Midnight (1957), Miles Ahead  (1957), Milestones 1958), Jazz Track (1959), Porgy and Bess (1959), Kind of Blue (1959), Sketches of Spain (1960), Someday My Prince Will Come (1961), and Miles and Monk at Newport (1964). Of all these titles, Jazz Track and Miles and Monk at Newport are extra special as they have never been a part of any Davis box set before and have been largely unavailable for years. Their inclusion here adds to the allure of this collection. Each included title will feature brand new remastering, so expect the music to be crisp and beautiful.

Miles Davis: The Original Mono Recordings will house the CDs in mini-LP jackets, collecting them into a handsome box container. The box will be fleshed out with the inclusion of a 40-page booklet. The booklet will be filled with photos, new liner notes, complete album-by-album information, an expansive essay on this productive period in the life of Miles Davis, and an album-by-album run-through of the remastering process.

The Original Mono Recordings is set for release on November 12. With the newly remastered titles, this box becomes a compelling acquisition for fans of Davis's cool jazz era. If you're a collector of vinyl, then Legacy plans to reissue vinyl LP mono editions of Kind of Blue, Jazz Track, and Miles and Monk at Newport, all planned for November 29. 

Sounds like a great month, November.

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