Lily & Madeleine Amaze with The Weight of the Globe EP

The five-track EP is a delight, beginning to end.

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In January of this year, two sisters, Lily (16) and Madeleine (18) Jurkiewicz, better known as the folk duo Lily & Madeleine, released a five-track EP with "wise beyond their years" lyrics, and some of the most haunting and lingering melodies you will have heard in quite some time. The EP, aptly titled The Weight of the Globe, has since been picked up by Asthmatic Kitty, a label headed by Sufjan Stevens, and is scheduled for a June 11 issue in accessible physical formats that include CD, a collectible 10” vinyl EP, and a more widely distributed digital download issue than the sisters' Bandcamp page, which currently sells the five songs for a 'worth it' price of $4.95, or a dollar a track.

The EP begins with the chosen lead-off single, “In the Middle,” which explores the regret of being stagnant. But the beauty of the track is in its ability to translate to other things not necessarily romantic. The elegant assembly of “... All of the years I have spent here, I never wandered, I live in the middle...” creates an aching, if not an overwhelming, sense of mediocrity, with a tinge of sadness.

LilyMadeleine.jpgThe EP closes with an equally sad glance backward at the loss of the past in “Things I'll Later Lose.” That song brushes alongside nostalgia with the sadness of passing time. “...and just like us, they're gone too soon / I have to ask what's the use in finding these things I'll later lose...” The remaining three tracks are just as heartrendingly beautiful as these two.

The sisters are being recognized, perhaps faster than they anticipated, especially since Madeleine has college on her agenda. With sold out shows, an engaging EP, several incredible covers tunes (Fleet Foxes' “”Blue Ridge Mountains” and Richard and Linda Thompson's “Dimming of the Day”), a prominent vocal guest spot in an upcoming John Mellencamp tune, “Truth,” and plans to record a full-length album, it's a wonder that the sisters will have much time to themselves.

The Weight of the Globe is an attention-grabber. With five great tunes already under wraps, one can only wonder what new melodies and harmonies, deep lyrics and music brilliance will come from these talented singer/songwriters.

Pay close attention.

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