Massive 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition Expected for Nirvana's Nevermind

Set to contain an exhaustive four CDs and a DVD.

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The world of music is fast losing the "classic" album. A quick glance at the music being created and released in album form in today's environment does not indicate albums that clarify the time they are born in. Rather, they indicate a collection of good songs that could help fill a playlist. While that argument could be made looking back through the decades of rock, at least the previous ages produced some timeless works. But today, timeless albums are few and widely spaced.

Back in 1991, a trio of rock and rollers from Washington State released an album that is worthy of its content.  Nirvana - Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic - changed the landscape of music with their classic Nevermind, which still reverberates to this day. 

Nevermind defines the period of the '90s. From the important single selections of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Come As You Are" from Nevermind,  to later, equally important tracks like "All Apologies" and "Rape Me" (from 1993's stunning In Utero), Nirvana was the voice of a new generation. While alternative rock had always been in play as a style, Nirvana elevated the term - and style - to a higher plane, whereby thousands of new rock bands found their voice.


Geffen Records have announced the recognition of Nirvana's classic, Nevermind, in an upcoming 20th anniversary set that is massive in scope. On September 19 in the UK, and September 20 in the US, a four-CD, one-DVD Super Deluxe Edition will honor the album with a set of previously unreleased tracks, some rarities, B-sides, alternate mixes, rare live performance tracks, and BBC sessions tracks, along with the original album, which will likely be remastered. 

The DVD inclusion will feature a previously unreleased concert film showcasing the performance in its entirety.  There is no other information available that reflect complete track listings of the anticipated contents which, in time, will be revealed.

While Nirvana is no more, they remain with us in their music and the classic albums they left behind. Like the loss of every great band in their period, we miss them. But we are reminded of their importance in our lives when a well assembled set, like the upcoming Nevermind set, comes to us.  We are able to relive a part of our lives that helped to set our stage for what we became, or have yet to become.

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