Interview with Martha Wash - Men Raining On Long-Lived Career

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This year’s Tony Awards included a colorful and riveting performance by one-time lead singer of The Weather Girls, Marth Wash, "The Queen of Clubland." Over the decades Wash has provided the music world with fun disco tracks, dance grooves, and deep gospel hymns.

2011 is a new era for Ms. Wash, whose star is rising again with her new single “I’ve Got You” sweeping YouTube. When I sat down with Martha, I learned that this icon is far from just a '70s disco chart-topper.  

“I’d like to leave a stamp on the world,” said Wash. When I first spoke with her, directly following her performance of the (gay and straight) anthem “It’s Raining Men” at the Tonys, I had to ask, “Are you ever just sick and tired of ‘It’s Raining Men?’ Do you want it to die already?" She paused, smiled, and laughingly said, “A Cult Classic will never die. Everyone wants to sing that song.”

Known as a gay icon, Martha has embraced her role in the gay community, being an activist for many years, putting a spotlight on HIV/AIDS awareness through her work with many local and national organizations. After declaring that her career has different chapters, she decided to start a new one.

Martha Wash.jpg“I’ve Got You” is a strong and emotional ballad that Wash says is a song that “is intended for everybody. People are going through different challenges.  I think a lot of the time people think they are alone, and they’re not.”

I asked Wash how her music is different now from 20 years ago. “Back with Sylvester and The Weather Girls, it was fun music. I still like the fun tracks, but now I try to record with more substance. I want to leave people with a message.”

A message is right: there has even been word that "I've Got You" (with the rest of the album dropping later this year) is the new unofficial gay wedding song. Wash, who resides in New York today, invites that usage of her new song, especially after the new same-sex marriage law passed.

Wash also told me that she loves her fans and the generational web her fans have weaved. “I have grandparents, parents and kids that have passed down the music.”

If she had one thing to tell her fans, what would it be?

"I’m not finished yet.”

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