Michael Jackson's Bad Returns as 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box

Scheduled for September 18, this Deluxe Edition fills up three CDs and a DVD in a 25th Anniversary set.

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It's hard to believe that Michael Jackson's landmark album, Bad, is coming up on its 25th anniversary. Believe it or not (I know, I know, dating sucks), but the best-selling album, which sold upwards of 50 million worldwide copies, generating several classic singles (“Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man In The Mirror”, “Smooth Criminal”), is gaining in age.

On September 18, barely a month (and 25 years) after its official release date of August 31 (1987), Legacy Recordings will team with Epic Records to acknowledge the classic Jackson album's worth by releasing an ambitiously packed three-CD Deluxe Edition. Even better for MJ fans, the expected box will also include a DVD of a concert from the Bad tour. What makes the DVD special is the fact that it was sourced from a personal VHS tape from MJ that was used as video for the screens in the shows.

MJBADCover.jpgThe three CDs planned for the commemorative box will include the original album in newly remastered form, a CD filled with demo tracks recorded during the Quincy Jones-produced Bad sessions, some of which never progressed to become inclusions on the album, and a live disc from the recorded Wembley show from the Bad tour.

To extend the value of the upcoming set, the box will add in two extensive booklets with all of the goodies that fans come to expect from such classic revisiting (photos, essays, and plenty of art originals including the original cover and a two-sided poster).

Michael Jackson may be physically gone from this world but his legacy perseveres. This Deluxe Edition should make it into the hands of every MJ fan.  

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