Sinead O'Connor's New Look, Christina Aguilera's Meltdown

Self-acceptance is a beautiful thing.

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Sinead O’Connor has made a shocking transformation from the bald, beautiful, doe-eyed temptress who tore up a photograph of the Pope on Saturday Night Live more than a decade ago. The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer showed a softer, matronly side of herself when she appeared at the Manchester International Festival this past weekend. She still sang like a fallen angel, feisty and resplendent in royal purple, recalling nothing so much as her association with Prince when she covered this weeper that he penned back in 1990.

As for her new look: There’s something compelling about someone who is not afraid to be herself, no matter what shape or size - something she referenced before plunging into “Nothing Compares 2 U," which she dedicated to her seven-year-old son, Shane, who, as O’Connor happily explains, calls his mum “a pot-bellied warthog.”

Thanks to our friends at the Shipper Report comes that news that while Christina Aguilera has signed on for another year of The Voice, not everyone on the show was happy to hear it. One source insisted that the “Beautiful” singer is “the nastiest, bitchiest woman I’ve ever encountered. She was in a foul mood every time we taped.”

In addition, there’s an incident that’s becoming infamous among the cognescenti: an audiotape circulating of Aguilera blowing up at the sound engineers during rehearsal, screaming that they hadn't correctly mic-ed the female contestant she was coaching. But Aguilera was mic-ed perfectly as she screamed: “That's not the f**king way to make her sound good! Do I have to come up there and show you myself how it's done, for f**ks sakes? You stupid f**king a**holes are using the wrong f**king mic. You’re making her sound like horses**t!”

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