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"Why is there always drama in my life," lamented Sharon Osbourne in a tweet she sent on May 1.
What rock's third most famous wife was referring to was the multi-million dollar tax lien that has been filed in California against her and her husband the Blizzard of Ozz himself, Ozzy Osbourne. It's not the first time the couple have been in hot water with the IRS, but this time, Mrs. O claims it's not their fault and they don't owe the $357,000 that the IRS claims they do. "Just when we thought it was safe with the IRS, here they come again! This time is their fault, not mine. Not taking this one laying down," Vowed The Talk's co-host.

Maybe the Osbournes need more deductions like their friend Slash, who recently was spotted at the Los Angeles Zoo visiting the boa constrictor he donated to the park a few years ago. The former Guns N' Roses guitarist gave the zoo his beloved pet after becoming a family man, fearing that the boa might attack his kids. (Although just so you know, he didn't divest himself of all his slimy pals. According to his rep, he's kept a single one, a six-foot green anaconda named Sam).

In a tweet dated Friday, April 29, Slash revealed: "Took pix with a few reptiles. Including my pet Boa Constrictor I donated to the zoo yrs ago. He's a Big sweetheart!" No word if the reptile recognized him. While we're on the subject, you might be wondering why Slash avoided the party animals at this year's Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods awards. It all came down to two words: Corey Taylor.

While Slash may seem like an agreeable guy, he's no pushover. He put his Converse-shod foot down when it came to hiring Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor as a replacement for Scott Weiland in Velvet Revolver, refusing to appear at this year's award show in Los Angeles with long time GN'R and Velvet Revolver compatriot Duff McKagan because the bassist wanted to hire Taylor - in fact McKagen, who moonlights as a financial advisor and columnist in his off hours, went so far as to appear onstage with Taylor at the award show. But when grilled about Taylor as a replacement for Weiland he said: "We're nowhere near getting started back up with Velvet Revolver." he said. "Slash is touring, I'm touring. There's no rush to find a new singer."

Although he did admit that he thought Taylor was the best frontman out there. And that's where he'll remain if Slash has anything to do with it. However, he did admit that Taylor tried out for the band's vacant lead singer position; he just didn't "seem to fit right." As for Slash, he's off on another European swing and then it's back to Los Angeles to continue work with Eric Valentine on a follow-up to last year's Slash.

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