So Not Rockin': Caleb Followill Bails on Kings of Leon Fans In Dallas and Houston

Have you heard the news? There's not good rockin' tonight if you are a Kings of Leon fan.

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On Friday, Kings of Leon fans were left to stew in their own juices after lead singer Caleb Followill decided he was sick of playing halfway through the band's set in Dallas at the Gexa Energy Pavillion.

Followill addressed the audience in an incoherent rant, suggesting it was too hot to go on, stating he was going backstage to cool off, drink a beer, vomit, down some tequila, and then he would be back. Sounds reasonable... I guess. Except he never came back, and in fact, bailed on the following night's show in Houston, leaving his bandmates and brother Jared to apologize to upset fans.  Here's some of the dialogue that was captured at the concert on Friday:

"My voice is completely 100-percent wrong, I'm sorry," the 29-year-old singer said to the crowd. "I'm about to fall down here because I'm so goddamn hot…I'm gonna go backstage for a second. I'm gonna vomit, I'm gonna drink a beer and I'm gonna come back out here and I'm gonna play three more songs."

A short time later, Caleb's brother Jared came out and apologized to the crowd, letting them know that Caleb couldn't go on and the show was over.

"We are so unbelievably sorry—there's no words right now," guitarist Jared Followill told fans. "Caleb's just maybe a little unfit to play the rest of the show. I know you guys f--king hate us...It's really not our fault. We will be back as soon as possible...F--king hate Caleb, not us."

Jared apologized again later on his Twitter account, with this tweet: "So sorry Dallas, your heat got the best of a few of us. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience of all this bullsh-t. We'll be back soon." Houston's Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion posted this on the venue's website about the concert which was scheduled for Saturday:

"Kings of Leon regretfully announce the postponement of tonight's show at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Caleb Followill suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration during last night's Dallas performance causing his vocal chords to seize."

The Houston show has been rescheduled for September 22, but there's no word if they will make it up to the Dallas audience. Here's a video of the meltdown:

Video slightly NSFWish, for some language.

This is every shade of wrong.

Clearly, if Caleb could make it through the 11 songs they reportedly performed before bailing on the band, then what's a few more? Why didn't he come back out and finish up? That's show business you whiny beeyotch. Has he never heard the term, "The show must go on?"

People pay for their tickets and in return, they should get what they paid for.

Jared made references to there being internal issues with the band, and stated on Twitter: "Dallas, I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am. There are internal sicknesses and problems that have needed to be addressed."

We can all read between the lines here: this is just PC speak for "Caleb has rockstarititis and can't handle his booze, money and fame." How long until we hear he's off to rehab?

This is an ongoing issue with today's rockstars. I can't tell you the number of times I've watched Amy Winehouse (RIP) stumble through a couple songs and then just abandon the crowd because she was too drunk/high to go on. WTF? And she's just one of many of today's artist to have meltdowns or give crap performances because they let their drug and drink get in the way of their jobs.


There is no excuse to be unprofessional, even if your profession is being a rock star. Let's face it, today's breed of rockstars are spoiled, selfish little snots. Keith Richards waves his privates at your collective grandmothers!

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