Stevie Nicks Nixes Lindsay Lohan Role in Biopic

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I don't know about you, but it seems like a natural for Lindsay Lohan to play Stevie Nicks in a film about her life story - her substance abuses notwithstanding. In fact, that would seem to uniquely qualify the blonde reprobate for the role as the white wing dove-loving songstress.

But Nicks told CNN that would happen "over my dead body," saying that the 24-year old actress would have to clean up before she's even consider it. Odd since Nicks has never been circumspect before about her own how-you-say colorful past -- Fleetwood Mac's album credits have included a shout out to their drug dealer -- that landed her in rehab on at least two occasions, once in 1986 for cocaine and then again in 1994 to get off Klonopin, a drug that helps treat panic disorders.

Stevie Nicks Lindsay Lohan.jpgStevie confessed to Canada's Globe and the Mail a decade ago: "I really don't regret the cocaine and the brandy and the crazy nights between 1975 and 1985 because at least something came out of that. But the Klonopin? Nothing came out of that."

So it seems nothing will come out of Lindsay Lohan's putting her cream colored fedora into the ring to play Nicks in an upcoming bio pic. "I have to laugh at [talk of her playing me], because I feel very sorry for her," Nicks told the New York Post. "She's going to the slammer for three months. I would rather die than go to jail. For me, that makes me think even more that she's insane. She'll never play me in a movie."

Nicks didn't seem to have any problem having two winsome beauties -- one of whom was her goddaughter, Kelly -- playing her younger selves in the video for "Secret Love" from the In Your Dreams album -- her first solo album in a decade -- and neither of them resembled the singer in the slightest bit. One thing you can say for Lohan, at least she has the hair for the part. Plus if Stevie isn't careful, Courtney Love will try to commandeer the role.

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