Sting to Release New Album in September

The Last Ship will contain songs from his upcoming 2014 Broadway show of the same name.

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For the last three years, after the immensely successful Police reunion tour (which did not yield a hoped for reunion album), Sting busied himself with a preoccupation of a different sort — a play.

The story line of the play centers around the Swan Hunters Shipyard near where Sting grew up. Experiencing the changes that occurred over time, Sting found his creative flow from a familiar place. Weaving a quilt of personal feelings, absolute and unavoidable truths, and thought-provoking philosophy, Sting revisits his life — and we ours.

Such a play from such a musical influence as Sting cannot go without music. Sting has written more than a few songs to accompany his play called The Last Ship. And while the production is not expected on Broadway until 2014, the album of original songs will arrive much sooner.

Sting The Last Ship.jpgThe Last Ship is slated for US release on September 24 (September 23 everywhere else) via Cherrytree Records/Interscope/A&M Records. It will be released in multiple configurations and formats. There will be the expected standard-release CD, as well as the by now standard MP3 digital download. In addition to the expected, the album will be issued on 180g vinyl LP. All of these will contain the album's primary 12 songs.

To add value, The Last Ship will also be made available in a two-CD Deluxe Edition that will throw in a bonus five songs. Amazon will enjoy an exclusive issue by being allowed to issue a two-CD Super Deluxe Edition that will contain a full 20 songs.

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