Tegan And Sara To Release DVD Set, Get Along

Interim DVD and CD release explores life on the road

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Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twins that make up the indie band, Tegan and Sara.  Ok, that’s kind of a no-brainer, ‘duh’ moment, I know.  But the fact is, this Canadian duo have done quite alright musically.

Fresh out of high school, the two released an album independently (Under Feet Like Ours - 1999).  At their start, they have translated teen confusion and angst into songs that were understood by their audience.  In growing beyond that, Tegan and Sara have increasingly explored adult thought through five more studio works.  Their last release, Sainthood, from 2009, was an exploration of love in its many facets including the work it takes to maintain such a foggy world of constantly changing affections.

What makes Tegan and Sara as interesting as they have been is that we, as an audience, have followed them from their early years as fresh ghosts released into a demanding and difficult to navigate world.  Their lyrical observations woven around well-crafted music have made fans of many.  Their last two albums have sold well, especially within their native Canada.

Tegan and Sara do not rush their songs.  They let life happen to them and then write about them in song.  Once they have enough life experiences, they reconvene to record.  Usually, they release a new album every two years.  It has been two since the release of Sainthood but still we don’t have a new album…yet.  However, Tegan and Sara plan the release of Get Along, a DVD documentary with three short films along with an audio CD that contains 15 live tracks from the films.


The three films included on the DVD include States, a 30-minute documentary that covers their early career.  It will contain American tour footage interspersed with interviews with the pair.

The second film, a 25-minute documentary explores the sisters’ tour of India, again interspersed with interviews from various involved people.  The final film, For the Most Part, is a filmed 70-minute concert before a small audience of 75 at a studio in Vancouver, B.C.

The new DVD/CD set will be released on November 15 via Warner Brothers Records.  Get Along will issue in several configurations that include the mentioned DVD/CD, and a special direct to consumer set that will add in three signed lithographs, two bonus live tracks (“Back In Your Head,” “Wake Up Exhausted”) that will instantly be made available even at pre-order, and two more bonus tracks (the previously unavailable “Northshore” - Chuck Brody Remix, and a live version of “I Bet It Stung”) to be delivered on the official release date.

The iTunes DD components will make the DVD and CD separately available via the service’s movie and music stores.

We’re still waiting for the next album.

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