The Beatles Are Back! But Not Really!

Beatles 1 collection remastered and stuff

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Though I may not be the ultimate Beatles fanatic, I do love them dearly and think they are the best band in rock 'n' roll history; and rock 'n' roll history is something I have spent A LOT of time thinking about.

So, yay Beatles! Not only were they musically astonishing, but their cultural role is unique in the Western world, and due to many factors including fragmentation of the medias, very unlikely to be repeated.

Beatlemania.jpgBUT, how sad is it that their music, now between 40 and 50 years old (!!!), is still such huge news? How stale and pale and bereft is our current culture that this music is still so now, so wow, so happening?

It has nothing to do with the wonderfulness of the music, it has to do with the lack of wonderfulness, or more specifically, the perceived lack of wonderfulness in pop music today.

"We haven't had anything REALLY great since about Nevermind, but hey, there's always The Beatles!"

There is much to love about the ever more granular narrowcasting of contemporary media and the Internet. If you know what you like, you can absolutely find a lot more just like it. And there is ALWAYS a ton of great music being made, just ask our Al Kooper!

But none of it transcends; our biggest current stars are STILL just niche players: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, et al. The last pop/rock act to actually transcend and fully penetrate the culture was likely Michael Jackson, almost 30 years ago - before the rise of cable television, before the rise of the Internet, before a customized radio station in every computer.
Beatles 1.jpgOkay, so anyway, The Beatles' 1 collection has been digitally remastered, is available on iTunes, and in CD form, including a "special edition bundle" featuring a "custom design" T-shirt from the official Beatles Store.

Beatles 1 litograph.jpg There is also a limited edition, numbered lithograph print featuring the covers of the Beatles singles, of which only 250 are available from each of the US, European, and Japanese official stores.

This is all swell, and of course each generation should have the joy of discovering The Beatles for themselves. I just wish we could all share something more recent.

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