The Horrors Release New Album, Luminous

The Horrors are one of our contemporary music splashes, a bit goth-like, yet a refreshing band in the upswing of their career trajectory.

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Music is changing these days.

These days, there are so many new bands, even bands that have been around for some time doing new things. Or doing new things in an old style. And while this may be confusing, the fact of the matter is we're awash in music, enough to keep us all satisfied to the end of our days.

Several years ago, I ran across a band by the name of The Horrors. They are a hard-working band from England that bears an amazing sonic resemblance to many of the bands from the late '70s to early '80s, a ten-year period that was an explosive time of generational change. Visually, they adopt a flashy rock and roll style so invisible in today's world.

The Horrors Luminous.jpgThe Horrors present a modern day collection of excellent music that would have an older crowd remembering the likes of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), Depeche Mode, or even Psychedelic Furs. And to the younger generation, they would be incredibly fresh, with a splash of the seemingly new psychedelic music that is so popular these days.

On May 5 (UK) and May 6 (US), the band's fourth studio effort, Luminous, is being released. Luminous follows the brilliant 2011 effort, Skying, with its own slightly updated blend of 'past blast' with ten meticulously created tracks. Luminous is preceded by a single from it, "So Now You Know," which is as engaging and catchy a single as can be heard...these days. Luminous is being released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Recently, The Horrors played in the emerging Austin Psych Fest, an event I hope to attend in the next few years.

Enjoy the official video of "So Now You Know":

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