The Jam to Reissue Their Last Album The Gift in Deluxe Editions

The Gift featured the popular Jam track "Town Called Malice."

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With a deep interest in The Who's mod infatuation, The Jam found their musical footing in the '70s, and eventually became the new dispensers of the stylized mod sound and whatever trends carried with it. From there, The Jam would make their name as one of the important bands of the late '70s/early '80s. With that, they would leave behind a legacy of albums that began with 1977's In the City, the album provided the short but effectively fun-to-hear cover of the familiar "Batman Theme." From there, The Jam would become well-received, well-loved, and soon well-missed after their unfortunate demise as a recording unit.

With a heavy collection of Top 40 hits in their native UK, The Jam produced six long-players, all of which did well in the UK. But The Jam were not without their loyal fans in the US and the rest of the world. While they did not capture the full attention of fans outside the UK (an unfortunate occurrence befalling many exceptional UK bands), they enjoyed a moderate level of success.

JamTheGiftDeluxeEdition.jpgBy the time The Jam's The Gift was released in 1982, the band was in disarray. The band's chief songwriter, Paul Weller, had taken the band in various directions away from their starting punk style and into more intricate hybrids of styles,which did not sit well with members Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler. The Gift charted well, and was successfully toured. But when the tour was over, so were The Jam.

On November 19 (in the UK), The Gift will be reissued in a Super Deluxe Edition Box that will feature a ton of good things. The Super Deluxe Edition will offer three CDs, and a DVD of The Gift-related music along with a 72-page hardbound book with photos, interviews (Weller and Pete Wilson), memorabilia, and an essay. The set will also include a set of postcard prints.

On the three CDs will be: Disc One — remastered original album, and ten single/B-sides from the period; Disc Two — remastered demos and alternate tracks from the period; and Disc Three — a previously unreleased 23-song set live show from the band's final tour, "Live at Wembley, December 1982."

The accompanying DVD will feature three videos ("Town Called Malice," "Precious," "The Bitterest Pill"); nine live performance clips from the Birmingham show in their Trans-Global Unity Express Tour, their last as The Jam; a Danish TV special, and two Top of the Pops clips ("Town Called Malice" and "Precious").

Also on November 19, a two-CD Deluxe Edition version of the remastered and expanded The Gift will be reissued with the first two CDs described above, 36 tracks in all.

There is no word as of yet on the US reissue of The Gift but that doesn't mean this set is unattainable. Fans CAN have what they want.


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