Folk Rockers The Paper Kites Capture Plenty of Attention with States

Maybe they will capture yours...

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There's a surge of interest in the folk rock genre that is being capitalized on by more than a few bands. The trick of it is, you have to be good to make it work. With the expansion of bands in the DIY internet age, there are more than enough artists to try their hand at what could result in a signing and some level of popularity.

One band that has done everything right is a five-member group from Melbourne, Australia. Two songwriting high school pals, Sam Bentley and Christina Lacy, receiving a fair amount of positive response with their songcraft decided to flesh out their band with some of their other high school friends. What formed was a tight group of musicians and songwriters that understood their genre well, resulting in extraordinary interest.

Their first two five-song EPs were handmade affairs. With 500 hundred copies each, all burned to CD and completed with individually-printed covers, The Paper Kites would begin their forward march. The EPs, The Paper Kites (2010) and Bloom (2010), both sold out. Their next EP, Woodland (2011) started their official release of music. Another EP, Young North (2012), followed. The songs from these releases provided a nice set of available tracks that attracted a loyal following, resulting in larger shows and sold-out performances.

Earlier this year, The Paper Kites released their first full-length album, States. States is an excellent blend of folk rock with tinges of raw country, sometimes mournful, and a joyful experimentation with instruments. The music is airy and appealing. With excellent vocal styles from both Sam Bentley, and Christina Lacy, The Paper Kites are wowing their fan base.

States has more than a few strong tunes on it. Beginning with "Malleable Beings," States provides a complete listening experience that includes the remarkable song, "Young", made even more compelling by its video (embedded below) and the pre-release single "St Clarity." There are ten more songs, all fresh listening experiences.

With the release of States, the band is currently touring in support of the album. With a series of stops in the U.S., the band is expanding their fan base, furthering the interest that comes with a commanding ability to capture immediate attention.

For more information on The Paper Kites, check out their website. But before you go, watch "Young" (below). The video is a stunning artistic achievement with hundreds of photographs, all edited together to deliver a sense of a single entity in constant change. 

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