The Rolling Stones To Release Definitive Some Girls In Super Deluxe Edition

New Some Girls reissue will be released in Super Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Digital Download

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From the infancy of rock 'n' roll to its current stately age, The Rolling Stones have been supplying fans with a steady diet of amazing music.  Although new music has tapered off over the last decade, the storied band certainly hasn’t been silent entirely.  With a successful Big Bang tour behind them, they have gotten to the business of upgrading their past catalog. 

Several years ago, with a big label change to Universal, the push to revitalize the titles was in full swing.  Last year, The Stones released an ambitious remaster and expansion of their famed Exile On Main Street with hands-on work on old, unreleased tracks to bring them to release quality.  With that classic album now out in the hands of fevered and drooling fans, me included, The Rolling Stones could go about the business of other classic title enhancements.

Their attention is now directed to their 1978 classic, Some Girls. Some Girls is considered by many fans to be their last strong complete effort.  And while that could be argued by dedicated fans, especially those with intense feelings toward the 1981 album of collected tracks, Tattoo You, which generated “Start Me Up,” and the perfect -- yes, perfect -- “Waiting On a Friend,” most agree that Some Girls ranks high on any list of the band's greatest work.

Recently, the official site for The Rolling Stones announced their intention to release an expanded and remastered set of Some Girls.  This is no surprise to fans as Mick Jagger has hinted that the band was working on extra material for a beefed up Some Girls reissue.  Planned are a monstrous Super Deluxe Edition, a Deluxe set, and digital versions.

While the actual details have not yet been made public, judging by the photo of the Super Deluxe Edition, there will be CDs, likely a DVD, and perhaps an LP.  There will be a hard-bound collectible book, a vinyl single of "Beast Of Burden", and bonus materials.  We can tell that the set will be housed in a lavish, sturdy box.  I’m also fairly sure that there will be reissued single CD sets, although that has not been mentioned.

The real star of this article and the news that such a great album as Some Girls is being given the royal treatment is definitely the photo of the box set.  Stare at it.  Surmise what you will.  To me, this will be a ‘must-have’ set, especially with the essential hard-bound book that will join the music.

All sets of the Some Girls reissue will be released in the UK on November 21, with a likely US date of November 22.


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