The Sword to Release Studio Album Number Four, Apocryphon

Black Sabbath-fueled heavy metal and fantasy themes underscores the intensity of The Sword.

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Austin, Texas is as fertile a rock and roll climate as the other, more typical locations throughout the world. With a wealth of activity arising from this northern Texas city, including the burgeoning SXSW festival showcase, the music has been white hot...and loud.

Austin-based The Sword is a heavy metal band in the vein of Black Sabbath but with an active ingredient of thrash metal like you would hear Slayer produce. With such retro-influence, the music coming from a Sword album—or live show for that matter—the music will have an appeal that reaches across several expanses. The inert musical nerve of older generation music lovers, who grew up on a steady diet of Black Sabbath metal, can be excited to produce a reawakening. The thrash metal fans who came after can be moved to get into the thick of things. New fans will find a band to call their own.

TheSword.jpgThis generational hybrid of heavy metal rock is good for all who find their joys in the loud guitar attacks, bass-crunching, and heavy drumming that is typical of metal rock and roll. Now that you know what The Sword sounds like, it's a bit of a journey to acquaint yourself with this band.

Their first album Age of Winters, released in 2006, made them an instant attraction. The album did more to cement their influenced sound in their own frenetic fashion than any album that came afterward. From Sabbath-influenced "Freya" to the album's seven-plus minute epic, "Lament For The Aurochs," Age of Winters is a worthy debut.

Two years later, Gods of the Earth introduced a more determined collection of songs. With sharper production, the album brought more fans into the fold. The songs are more mature, more seductive in their clear-cut pathway toward a goal. In 2010, that goal of metal perfection among the classic bands grew more focused with the release of Warp Riders. That album, with its well-crafted songs, perched the band fairly high on the Billboard charts. With it, there was no mistake the band had a purpose.

TheSwordApocryphon.jpgOn October 22, established label Razor & Tie will release The Sword's latest album, Apocryphon. If history has any influence on how this new album will be received, we can expect not only a superior work in comparison to the previous three, but it can be assured that the band will take great strides in their quest to be remembered as one of the greats.

If parts Black Sabbath, parts thrash, and good old heavy metal are your thing, and you HAVEN'T heard of The Sword, I suggest that you acquaint yourself with them in preparation for the release of Apocryphon.

It's not just your daughters they're after — it's your heart and soul they want too.

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