There's Greatness in Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes IS the real thing. Ignore them at your own risk.

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With their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, Alabama Shakes have come back into the spotlight. Their debut album, Boys and Girls, released almost a year ago in April of 2012, is thus far their lone proof of greatness.

If you caught their SNL performances ("Hold On" from the Boys and Girls LP and "Always Alright," a new song being trafficked on stage and heard in the film Silver Linings Playbook), you fall into one of two camps: those who already knew about the band, and those who were wowed by their rock steady performances.

Alabama Shakes is fronted by one of the most powerful bluesy voices in quite some years in Brittany Howard. Her spit and growl vocals have rightfully drawn comparisons to Janis Joplin. And while the rest of the band complements her style quite well, Howard is easily the focal point of the band. She also contributes a fiery guitar that adds to her mystique.

The rest of Alabama Shakes consist of Zak Cockrell (bass), Heath Fogg (guitar) and Steve Johnson (drums). Ben Tanner is a touring member of the band, who, quite frankly, should be a full member given his incredible keyboard additions to their live performances.

Many things can be said about Alabama Shakes and their important singer/guitarist, Brittany Howard. One thing, however, stands out — if you have caught any of their live performances, or own the debut album, you are witness to greatness. In the scheme of things, Brittany holds a rare and enviable spot as a legend in the making.

As a bonus for reading with us, enjoy the full album streams posted below. In addition, there is the free download of the above mentioned new track, "Always Alright," right below.

Enjoy these rare moments. Alabama Shakes is likely one band you'll not forget...EVER!

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