This Day in Music, May 11: Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Simon Fuller

Rolling Stones early years not to glamorous, Bob Marley's life cut short, and Simon Fuller gets funded.

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1964 - Rolling Stones

How times have changed. On this day in 1964, attempting a spot of lunch during a UK tour, The Rolling Stones were refused a table at The Grand Hotel, Bristol, where they were staying, because they were not wearing jackets and ties.

The following day British paper the Daily Express ran the story with the headline, 'The Rolling Stones gather no lunch.' The British (and American establishment) didn't take to the five lads from London, unlike their scouser rivals The Beatles, who were once clad in leather but were now seen as four clean cut, funny northern lads in suits. Jagger and his crew were the bad boys of rock.

Also in '64, The President of The National Federation Of Hairdressers offered a free haircut to the next No.1 group in the UK pop charts. He said, "The Rolling Stones are the worst, one of them looks as if he's got a feather duster on his head." I take it he was referring to Keith Richards?

Both grandparents, Jagger and Richards must scoff at these memories, now being the most successful live act in the world. However, on their first ever US tour in 1964, The Stones were booed off stage at a gig in San Antonio, Texas after the locals didn't take to their appearance.
Some performing monkeys who had been the act on before the Stones were brought back on stage. (I'm not making this up, honest).

Later in the '60s The Stones were the targets of a long running campaign by both Scotland Yard and the British press who between them hounded members of the group with drug raids and drug related stories. Mick Jagger, whose personal fortune is estimated at £190m ($298m), was knighted in 2003 for Services to Music, as Sir Michael Jagger.

1981 - Bob Marley

Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley died of lung cancer and a brain tumour aged 36. Marley was a hero figure, who had become the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience.

The compilation album Legend, released three years after his death, is reggae's best-selling album, with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. At the start of a European tour in 1978, Bob hurt a toe while playing football in London. The wound become cancerous and was belatedly treated in Miami, yet it continued to fester. By 1980 the cancer, in its most virulent form, had begun to spread through Marley's body.

He fought the disease for eight months, taking treatment at a clinic in Bavaria. The treatment was controversial and non-toxic and, for a time anyway, Bob's condition seemed to stabilise. Eventually, however, the battle proved too much. He died in a Miami hospital on Monday, May 11, 1981. In 1990, the 6th of February was proclaimed a national holiday in Jamaica to commemorate his birth.


1985 - Simon Fuller, Paul Hardcastle and 19 Management

UK producer and keyboard player Paul Hardcastle was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with "19". The title referred to the average age of American soldiers in the Vietnam War (as compared to the claim of World War II's average age of 26), and features dialogue by television narrator Peter Thomas, and a strong anti-war message. The success of "19" meant that Hardcastle's manager Simon Fuller, who had recently left Chrysalis Records to set up on his own, was able to use the funds to continue his business.

Fuller named the business 19 Management as a nod to the fact that the song enabled his start-up to continue and the number 19 has become of great significance to Fuller, who went on to become the most successful British music manager of all time. He was behind the success of the Spice Girls and in 1998 he created the television show formats of Pop Idol, American Idol and other spin-offs.

The average age of all TV talent show contestants is...


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