Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed August 12th, 20 Free Games for Early Buyers

Nintendo takes action to salvage sagging 3DS sales

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Nintendo is moving towards gaming industry history with a mega-drop in price for their struggling 3DS hardware. Released on March 27th, the 3DS debuted at $250, the fledgling unit desperate for software and under the watchful eye of a critical media. After selling a little over 800,000 units, Nintendo is trying to bring more people into the fray, the units dropping from $250 to $169.99 on August 12th.

Those who purchase (or have purchased) a 3DS before August 11th will become part of the "Nintendo Ambassadors" program. That's a fancy way of saying if you pay full price, you'll have access to 20 games of Nintendo's choosing from the digital eShop. Ten of them will be NES games with the likes of Ice Climber and Mario Bros., and 10 more Game Boy Advance titles will be exclusive to program entrants. Greats such as Metroid Fusion and Mario Kart Advance are scheduled freebies. The downloads will begin September 1st.

Nintendo finds themselves in tight competition, Sony prepping a $250 follow-up to the PSP called the Vita, and iPhone/Android marketplace challenge everything they're doing in the portable space. The price drop isn't necessarily desperation, more a knee-jerk reaction to a marketplace they apparently thought they were safe in. Everyone is fallible, even the company that created the Game Boy. It seems they've finally realized that.

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