NYC's Cults to Release Debut Album

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Cults is a buzz band getting lots of attention as they gear up for the US release of their debut on Columbia Records. The album, a winning combination of '60s-like girl bands and a wall of sound that would make Phil Spector forget he has a life sentence, is quite a bit of fun to listen to. If you're a regular reader of upcoming new music, then you've no doubt already heard of Cults.

Cults (yeah, it's hard to say it without wanting to put 'the' in front of it) hail from Brooklyn, deep in the wonder that is New York City. I call it a wonder because New York City has been and continues to be a fertile breeding ground for music. And so it doesn't surprise me when I hear of a very good band originating from somewhere in NYC. I kind of expect it.

The two-member band is the sum total of the intriguing musical skills of Brian Oblivion and vocalist Madeline Follin. Unified, both deliver a more than interesting sound that is quite captivating to hear. I can tell you that on more than a few occasions I've had people stop and ask, "Who is that you're listening to?"  

The songs you'll hear on this stunning and infinitely listenable debut are an innovative reach into the past, spilling over with a gothic richness that is usually reserved for the more serious. The change-up is that this album of songs is fun to listen to, top to bottom.

On June 7, the self-titled album releases to America. Europe has already gotten their hit of Cults as it was released there on May 31. Call this album of songs a brilliant stream of nostalgia bordered with current style. Or you can call it anything you like. The truth is, you can't really categorize Cults.  You can only enjoy what you're hearing. 


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