OMD To Release New Album, English Electric

News of English Electric is being met with great anticipation

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If you were paying any attention to the splashes of New Wave music back in the '80s, then there is a name that you may remember.  Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark, or, as they became more popularly known, OMD.

OMD started that decade with their eponymous debut, which put "Electricity" on the airwaves and jumpstarted the hit machine they would become.  What would set OMD apart from others like them would be their ability to deliver great albums, not just a single here and there.

The band's debut was followed in the same year by Organisation, with "Enola Gay" as its single.  But while OMD, and Organisation are fine albums, it wasn't until their third, Architecture & Morality, that the band unleash their best side. With songs like "Souvenir," Joan of Arc," "Maid of Orleans," and to a lesser extent, "She's Leaving," OMD was firmly embedded in the public's consciousness.

Several more albums later, the band's popularity began to decline. While their songs were still on a par with their earlier hits, the inevitable changing tastes of a fickle audience would push them into unpleasant obscurity, listened to only by their dedicated fans.

Several years ago, the classic lineup of Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Malcolm Holmes, and Martin Cooper reformed to release History of Modern (2010).  That album bore a remarkably similar sound to the band's earlier years.  

On April 9, that same original line-up will issue their 12th studio album with English Electric. The new album will feature twelve new songs (track-list below).  English Electric will be issued in a standard CD set as well as a Deluxe Edition CD/DVD, Limited Edition 180g vinyl LP with a die-cut jacket, a very limited Deluxe Tin Box, and DD (digital download).  The album will be supported by a tour, which will be announced later this year.

English Electric TRACK-LIST

1. Please Remain Seated
2. Metroland
3. Night Café
4. The Future Will Be Silent
5. Helen of Troy
6. Our System
7. Kissing The Machine
8. Decimal
9. Stay With Me
10. Dresden
11. Atomic Ranch
12. Final Song

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