Rush To Get Complete Album Restoration

Remasters will be chronologically split between three periods

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Rush has been at the rock and roll game for such a long time, that it’s actually a shock to note that they are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This popular power trio from Canada started their career with the release of their eponymous Rush debut in 1974, and has continued their output to this day.  It’s not surprising that this band is still held in such high regard by its zealously dedicated fan base.

On November 21, the first fifteen albums from Rush will be reissued in three separately available box sets.  Each box will contain a chronological set of five Rush albums, all transferred to a high resolution 96KhZ/24-bit audio, then digitally remastered.  Each box is being marketed as incremental sets being called Sector 1, Sector 2, and Sector 3.  In addition to the five original albums in each set, there is a selected album that will be included in a DVD audio disc, mixed in 5.1 Surround.  The following sets are distributed as:

Sector One:

·         Rush (1974)

·         Fly By Night (1975)

·         Caress of Steel (1975)

·         2112 (1976)

·         All The World’s A Stage (1976)

·         Fly By Night Audio DVD, which contains this Box’s sole selection as the 5.1 Surround/Stereo album. (Note:  If Rush wanted to upset their fan base with the selection of Fly By Night as the 5.1 Surround choice, they did a good job.  The argument being bandied about is why not 2112?  Indeed!)

Sector Two:

·         A Farewell To Kings (1977)

·         Hemispheres (1978)

·         Permanent Waves (1980)

·         Moving Pictures (1981)

·         Exit…Stage Left (1981)

·         A Farewell To Kings Audio DVD (5.1 Surround/Stereo) 

Sector Three:

·         Signals (1982)

·         Grace under Pressure (1984)

·         Power Windows (1985)

·         Hold Your Fire (1987)

·         A Show Of Hands (1988)

·         Signals Audio DVD (5.1 Surround/Stereo) 

Each set will come with its own booklet filled with photos, lyrics, credits, and much more.  All CDs will be stored in the popular Japanese CD reissue style of mini LP replica jackets.  If you buy all three sets, you can score a single slip box to store them all in. 

Clockwork Angels, the band's upcoming new album is being slated for 2012.  Now, let's get Rush inducted into the Hall of Fame. 


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