Team Fortress 2 Players Segregate Themselves

Players revolt against game newcomers; see experience as ruined.

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Vale's Team Fortress 2 is a tight, team-based first-person shooter, highly touted across its multiple platforms. However, the PC is where is has the most traction, as it seems to be for most of Valve's software (and their Steam digital distribution platform).

Valve recently opened up Team Fortress 2 to everyone, inviting all to come in and play for free as opposed to the paid experience it was before. In an odd twist, those that have been plugging away with their paid copies for years have begun rejecting the newcomers, going so far as to write their own code to boot any incoming free-to-play gamers from their games.

It's an odd piece of Internet rebellion on one hand, blatant elitism on another, and an odd social experiment on the third... which doesn't make sense because we don't have three hands, but whatever. Those players utilizing the script are certainly not open to welcoming newcomers to their ranks, their hard fought experience precious to them obviously. They don't want it ruined, the once closed, tightly wound community now a part of the general public, and that's never a positive sign.

There is another side to the debate, and that's the cheating that comes into play. Those freebies can cheat away with no fear of repercussions, a ban on Valve's part simply forcing the cheater to create a new account. Those who paid run the risk of losing not just an account, but all of the games associated with it too. So, in a way, the surface level makes the booters seem snobbish, while digging a little deeper shows an appreciation for a specific style of gameplay. Undoubtedly, it's likely a little from column A, and a little from column B in the end.

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