America's Got Talent: It's Anybody's Guess

Throw a dart somewhere in the surround to figure out who goes on and who does not.

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The AGT Judges

Let me confess right now that I did a hip, happening and oh-so-cool analysis of the finalists in NBC’s America’s Got Talent and while I was entirely correct about the top as existed back then, I had no idea that there was a slew of other contenders out there due to make an appearance for their chance at the million dollar prize and the gig in Las Vegas.

First, America’s Got Talent has, unbeknownst to me, what they call a YouTube round. It would seem that contenders out in the vast wilds of the fruited plains without the ability to travel to a nearby city sponsoring auditions can submit a Youtube demonstration of their talent.

Americans would then vote for the YouTube entries most beloved and the top contestants will then appear live on the show for a chance at the top prize. In fact, the second place entrant from last year, a young girl named Jackie Evancho with the voice of an angel, was a YouTube entrant.

This year we have another young girl with an amazing voice for one so young, who also plays the piano during her performances. She is Anna Graceman and she will be competing again for her place in the top ten.


Second, AGT also brings back a bunch of acts that were voted out by viewers in earlier competitions, said acts determined by individual AGT judges even though silly Americans sent the performers packing.

I could not, even with a gun held to my head, describe rhyme nor reason about how all of this is done, what exactly comprises a semi-finalist, and frankly I’m not even sure the there is a top ten of so-called finalists as it’s all way over my head.

All of this lest I be accused of not watching the show, which I very much do though I understand some mockery at my confusion. I think Pythagorus would be confused at the geometry of it all and it doesn’t help that there are as of this writing 17 listed finalists currently in the series and I’ve no idea why such an oddball number.

What I did do was go through my original listing of the top ten and determine just which ones were performing AGAIN on this week's episode with the elimination round airing the following evening.

The following acts were part of my original and evidently erroneous top ten, who performed this past week and were approved by America to go through to the “final” round: Fatally Unique, a dance team from Illinois; Lys Agnes, an opera singer I predicted would be in the top three when the series ends; Miami All Stars, a combo dance/acrobat group; Poplyfe, a very talented pop group of musicians all under age 18; Team iLuminate, an electrified dance group that I also predicted would be in the final top three.

Again, these are the performers who were on my original top ten list who were all voted through when pitted against the new YouTube and Second Chance contenders. I can’t emphasize enough the talent of the young music group of Poplyfe and I still think they will be in the top three at the series’ end and they might well win.


Of the new contenders from either YouTube or the Second Chance crew, we have: The West Springfield Dance Group, a talented frenetic group distinguished by their ghoulish makeup and weird eyes; Gymkana, an acrobat group with stellar talent; Landon Swank, the only magician to make it through to the finals this year; and The Kinetic King, a fellow who plays a huge game of dominos on stage. I’m not making this up. Again, all of these acts are going through to the finals.

Of the top ten in my original article, the following were in the recent episodes and went up against the new YouTube and Second Chance group and they were eliminated: Daniel Joseph Baker, who I thought was a possible top five at series' end, showing how much I know; Melissa Villasenor, an impressionist, funny but who I declared would likely not go through, proving I might know something; Sandou Trio Russian Bar, a group that did amazing acts on a balance bar who, inexplicably in this recent episode, did some kind of weird thing involving a piano and a singer with no pitch. I predicted this group wouldn’t go through in my first guess but much less with their sudden and confusing change of talent. Finally, Zuma-Zuma, an acrobat group from Kenya, talented and daring but the first time I said they wouldn’t go on and they did not.

Hang on. We’re almost done.

Of the top ten in my prior post, the following still have to perform against the YouTube and Second Chance crowd and I must suppose those in my listing above who were in my original top ten but are now REALLY in the top ten: Anna Graceman, the young lady I think has the best chance of winning this thing; Landau Eugene Murphy, great voice, looks like Stevie Wonder, sings like Frank Sinatra; Silhouettes, a Colorado dance troup; Smage Bros. Riding Show, a family motorcycle in a box act; Snap Boogie, a street dancer from Boston; Steven Retchless, believe it or not, a MALE pole dancer.

Let us not forget, please, the infamous Professor Splash, a performer who, for whatever reasons, dives from on high into a small puddle of water. Just for smiles, a video of his act below.

We’ll skip the YouTube and Second Chance entrants who performed and were voted out with no recognition from me. They’ll get over it.

In summary, there are 17 acts left to perform against various other contenders, all still with a dog in the race. I’m not at all sure why 17 are left and I’ve no idea how the acts are determined to compete against whom. One might figure that the singers would be in a contest with other singers, the dancers with other dance acts, and so on. But this is not the case; again, I don’t know why.

I’ll end here with a hat tip to my favorite performer from last year who made a guest appearance on this recent episode of AGT, a fellow with a great voice and creativity that won’t quit. I speak of… Prince Poppycock!


God bless.

America’s Got Talent can be seen on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, NBC, at 9p/8c.

Come back and sign in because this time I really mean it, it’s time to get serious about this competition.

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