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2 Broke Girls aired on CBS this past year, a show created by Sex & the City god Michael Patrick King and comic Whitney Cummings (who also has Whitney on NBC in case you didn't bother to turn on your television set all fall/winter/spring). The show is about two young women, Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) who are co-workers, small business partners and most all friends.

Although the show is on summer break, as the season wrapped last month I got to chat with one of the show's writers, Molly McAleer, and cast member Brooke Lyons.

After about my third episode of watching 2BG's I couldn't help but get flashbacks of one of my favorites growing up: Laverne and Shirley. "Yeah, we are kinda Laverne and Shirley-ish, without the Lenny and Squiggy," said McAleer. Without the boys is right, one theme that seems to be completely ignored in the show is the hopes of the girls finding Mr. Right or true love. "No, we want to see these girls WORK, sure there are flirtations for Max and Caroline, but that's not what they care about."

l&s.jpegMuch like L & S, Max and Caroline are focused on their goals. What better goal to have than survival? "What I constantly say in the [writer's] room is that these girls can't make thousands of dollars, they have to sometimes make no money or make a little, that's reality, that's America" says McAleer.

The overall show theme is rare. It's rare for sitcoms not to have a cast of characters that are having relationship issues, desperately trying to find a boyfriend, or are obsessed with the idea of love. "We have these two women with a very strong friendship and an empowering business sense, and it has nothing to do with men," Lyons told me, who plays Peach, a socialite mom with an ability to create a neurotic bubble of fun chaos (whose husband we coincidentally never see on the show, weird).

Although I tried to pry season two plot hints from McAleer, she assured me there is a lot in store for the fall. "We're going to see them make money, find some success and grow closer, oh, and of course work."

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2 Broke Girls airs on CBS on Monday nights, check your local listing or watch full episodes online at the CBS web site.

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