Bedlam Comes To BBC America's Supernatural Saturdays

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Jonathan Ford/Sky Living

The cast of Bedlam (L-R): Theo James (Jed), Hugo Speer (Warren), Charlotte Salt (Kate), Ashley Madekwe (Molly) and Will Young (Ryan)

Welcome to Bedlam Heights, where there is always room for one more, as long as you don’t mind sharing your home with the dead. BBC America’s new six-part supernatural TV series Bedlam is set in a swanky new apartment complex tastefully decorated and brimming with sexy, good-looking 20-something tenants.

Unfortunately, a new coat of paint and expensive knickknacks can only superficially mask the disturbing history of this onetime asylum. Its former patients may be long since dead, but their tormented spirits have yet to move on and are looking to extract revenge for their years of misery and abuse.

Kate Bettany (Charlotte Salt, The Tudors) is a sales agent who lives as well as works in Bedlam Heights. She and her father Warren (Hugo Speer, Skins) own the building, which has been in their family for generations.

Warren is hardly ignorant of the building’s dark and twisted past, but he has no intention of letting it stop him from carrying out his plans for the property, even, it seems, at the expense of his daughter’s safety. Given her family’s connection with Bedlam Heights, it only makes sense that Kate is a prime target of its ghostly squatters.

In Bedlam's series opener, “Cohabitants,” Kate and her roommates, Ryan McAllister (Will Young, Pop Idol) and Molly Lucas (Ashley Madekwe, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), are surprised by the unexpected arrival of Kate’s adopted cousin Jed Harper (Theo James, Downton Abbey). Having struggled with mental health issues for most of his life, he is able to see ghosts and visions from the past. Jed becomes acutely aware of the supernatural goings-on in Bedlam Heights and is determined to help save Kate. However, will he be forced to sacrifice his own sanity in order to do so?

Bedlam premieres Saturday, October 1 @ 10:00 p.m. EST/PST on BBC America.

Please note, all photos by Jonathan Ford and copyright of Sky Living.

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