Big Brother: Brendon the Zombie Gets Evicted...Again

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Well, Brendon does seem to keep coming back from the dead. Dead, at least, in Big Brother terms. For once a contender is evicted, they are, ahem, “dead.” Except these past weeks have seen Brendon, half of the famous “Brenchel” team when paired with girlfriend Rachel, return, first as a “veteran” from the House in a prior series, then again as a result of a sudden rule change after he’d been evicted once this season.

Referring to Brendon as a zombie has become the sport of the irreverent Internet. Frankly, I think of him more as the Terminator, for Brendon is a mighty force not to be taken lightly, just in case he should return again.

In a previous post I wondered if Kalia and Danielle had lost their minds. Kalia, as Head of Household, nominated Rachel and Lawon for eviction but the rest of the House, spurred on by Kalia and Danielle, voted to evict the hapless Lawon. The following week Danielle, as Head of Household, nominated Adam and Shelly for eviction when she could have nominated BOTH Rachel and Brendon but instead she nominated… Shelly and Adam?

Adam then won the power of veto and he pulled himself out of the nomination for eviction. Danielle then did the sane and nominated Brendon for eviction. The rest of the House then voted to evict Brendon and we must wait for him to return again, if it is to be, and for whatever reason.

Danielle launched into an explanation this past week as to why she didn’t nominate Brendon for eviction (or Rachel for that matter) at the first opportunity and frankly, I did not understand a word Danielle said. Rachel is more of the resident drama queen than any great danger in the House challenges but Rachel can get everyone in her surround in an emotional turmoil and there’s something to be said for this effect.

Frankly I’m suspicious that these past few episodes have been engineered by the producers to create another Brenchel couple of episodes since America voted Brendon back into the House. Drama does draw in viewers I softly suggest, and the evictions as orchestrated by Kalia and Danielle defied logic.

I’m just sayin’...


Now that the series is beyond the careful scripting, there were some intriguing insights into the remaining contenders and I’ve some thoughts as to what might be coming.

Shelly won the chance to engage in a phone call with her husband and daughter. This most recent episode had a longer biography with both Shelly’s daughter and her husband. Shelly had once been a homecoming queen; this was a surprise. She’s an attractive enough woman, don’t misunderstand, but she comes off as being tough as nails, more tennis shoes than dancing shoes.

Brendon, I learned, is studying for his Ph.D. Go with me on this; Brendon does not present as the brightest bulb in the lamp. Trying to imagine a Dr. Brendon stretches my mind a bit.

Jordon gave up a prize to give Shelly a chance for her call home and as events in the Power of Veto unfolded, Jordon ended up having to wear a silly costume for a couple of weeks. Evidently wearing silly costumes is often the stuff of punishment in the Big Brother house. All to keep viewer interest I must suppose.


Rachel described herself quite aptly. In the recent episode she told the viewers that she might be emotional but she’s not stupid. I don’t know that I ever thought of Rachel as stupid. I do consider people who allow themselves to be ruled by their emotions to the point of irrationality to be a bit dim.

Adam seems like a rational kind of guy and he does manage to hold his own in the many Big Brother contests. I somewhat doubt that Adam will make the top two as he seems like an easy-to-evict target.

Kalia is a sweetheart but she too seems like an easy target.

For let us not forget that the three remaining newbies, Kalia, Adam, and Porsche, are up against veterans: couple Jeff and Jordan, the emotional and unnerving Rachel, and the very crafty, sharp, and experienced Danielle.

I think Danielle will definitely emerge as one of the top two left in the house. I’m thinking that the show’s producers might be unable to resist a Danielle/Rachel head-to-head match-up but this would require a lot of scripting, perhaps to the point of complete viewer disbelief. First you’d have to get veterans Jordan and Jeff evicted and I don’t see Rachel aligning with Danielle to make that happen.

Jeff and Danielle is a very plausible ending and for now, that’s my call. I reserve, as always, the right to change that prediction as sudden rule changes and events warrant.

Big Brother can be seen on CBS on Sundays at 8p/7c, Wednesdays at 8p/7c, and Thursdays at 9p/8c.

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