Big Brother: Have Danielle and Kalia Lost Their Minds?

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There are now eight roomies in CBS’s Big Brother house, which should be seven at this point but due to a quirky change of rules one resident was evicted while another was invited to take the evictee’s place.

We have Adam, the middle-aged rock star who started the show with an ugly beard but recently shaved it off on camera. There are Rachel and Brendon, the couple who had been in the Big Brother house before. They started off that first season as Big Brother roomie strangers and are now a couple with hints of a wedding in the future. horrified-rachel.jpgRachel is the resident drama queen, Brendon is her ever-suffering boyfriend who exists to calm Rachel down. The two of them keep viewers entertained, amused, and sometimes annoyed with their antics.

Jordon and Jeff are also two former Big Brother house roomies. They are veterans of the house, as they call themselves, and with their experience, all of the former Big Brother house residents definitely have an advantage.

Danielle was also once a Big Brother resident, along with her father, who actually won the contest during their season. Her father, known as Evil Dick, returned to the house this year but allegedly left for a personal family matter. He does return at times during solo camera vignettes when he critiques his daughter’s in-house strategy. Danielle is the other BB veteran and she’s the most skilled and talented at life in the house, at the various challenges for Head of Household and Power of Veto, and at the politicking and deal-making that make watching this series so appealing.

As of this writing, Big Brother house residents also include Shelly and Kalia, two new contenders who were at first reticent and kept to the background but have now come into their own.

That’s five veterans and three newbies. Brendon had once been evicted but with a new change in the rules he was voted back on by the American public. Well, of course we would vote to bring Brendon back. He’s handsome, good at the house contests, and with Rachel the Big Brother house comes to life. House resident Lawon, a nice enough fellow, a newbie who offended no one, voluntarily put himself up for eviction, which appeared to this viewer to be about the dumbest thing any Big Brother resident has ever done.

Lawon alleged that he would volunteer to be evicted because host Julie Chen hinted at a rule change that would allow the next evictee to return. Lawon’s logic was that such a return would have special perks, which it did not. I suspect Lawon had to leave and this rather odd story was scripted to add to the drama.

kalia-danielle.jpgEven odder was the fact that then Head of Household Kalia nominated Lawon to be evicted and the rest of the house save Danielle voted to evict Lawon ... instead of Rachel!

Absolutely amazing. So Brendon comes back as a result of America’s vote and now Rachel and Brendon, the two most powerful people in the Big Brother house, are together again.

Danielle then makes Head of Household and now we have Brendon and Rachel back in the house and you’d think she’d nominate both of them for eviction, right?

Instead Danielle forms some sort of alliance with Rachel and Brendon. What? Since when has Rachel ever been able to be trusted?

In this week's Big Brother episode, Danielle nominated two very meager contenders for eviction, Shelly and Adam. It’s just the dumbest thing …

For now it looks like this series is heading for an intriguing ending. It almost looks, eh, planned in a fashion. I think we will end up with a Danielle/Rachel confrontation and if I’m right, I can’t wait.

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