Big Brother: Will Rachel and Brendon Get Married on the Show?

An update on who's still in the house and predictions on who will hang in there.

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The most recent Big Brother shows as of this writing have been tense affairs with two of the most dangerous challengers getting evicted or being nominated for same. Danielle was the Head of Household who nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction. Indeed Brendon did get evicted but not without a plethora of angst, whispered threats, and lots of tears from Rachel.

At one point Rachel, in a soliloquy of enormous irony, lamented that “everybody in this game cares about nobody but themselves.” Well, duh, Rachel, ya think?

8711bbrachelbrendonsaygoodbye.jpgBrendon did win the Power of Veto challenge but he used it to save Rachel. Everyone else in the house except Porsche voted to evict Brendon. Rachel sobbed and carried on but to this viewer, the other house members would have been nuts to keep Brendon. The object of this contest, please remember, is to be the last house guest around. Which means you should be evicting the more victorious amongst the group and this would definitely include Rachel and Brendon.

Host Julie Chen made an announcement about a new development in the game. Big Brother is infamous for changing the rules of the game every which way, an intriguing twist on the norm that I’d written about in a prior post, and now there is yet another change in the rules soon to come. It would seem that the first four evictees, Brendon, Dominick, Cassie, and Keith, have been kept isolated in such a manner as to prevent them from watching the show after their eviction. The rule change is that these four will go up against the next contender to be evicted for a chance to get back on the show. Maybe Brendon will be able to rejoin Rachel in the Big Brother house sooner than she thinks.

The next Head of Household was Kalia. So far Kalia’s kept a somewhat low profile. Kalia is a newbie compared to Danielle, Jordon, Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel, the former Big Brother house guests now returning to the house for another go at it. The “veterans” is what they call themselves and they are, rightly, walking targets for eviction each and every week. With their experience in the Big Brother house they have a huge advantage over the newer contenders.

Kalia was delighted by being the Head of Household. In the Big Brother house, holding the title of Head of Household means the contender gets many perks, including a private suite, contact with family, and, most importantly, the ability to nominate the next two contenders for eviction.

Just as soon as a Head of Household wins the title there begins a political game to rival any congressional cloak room as the contenders bombard the HOH with pleas to join their coalition, deals to protect against eviction, and whispers of evil about other contenders.

It’s part of the grand amusement of the Big Brother series. In the case of Kalia the drama was, indeed, very serious. Jeff, a veteran partnered with Jordon, launched into an angry rant against Kalia, threatening her with the wrath of the devil if she should nominate him or Jordon. Rachel, as expected, went crazy, alternately sobbing and ranting with wild eyes.

I don’t know what Jeff was thinking with his angry tirade. I must suppose his intent was to intimidate Kalia but he’d have been better served by dealing up a platter of kiss-ass like Shelly did during a confab she had with Kalia that had Shelly clucking with sorrow over the plight of the black people in America.

In the end, as the planets align with the moon and all becomes right with the universe, Kalia nominated Rachel and Jeff for eviction. It’s not rocket science. They are the two contenders with the most power and experience in the Big Brother house and Kalia would have been nuts to relent to the drama and shenanigans of those two that they may avoid eviction.

One of the bigger Big Brother tidbits to cross the horizon is the hint that Rachel and Brendon might get married in the house. Below is a video available on the Big Brother site. All I’ll say is that it’s a Big Brother wedding as only that show can do.

I think that Danielle’s got the best chance to win this thing for now. Unlike Jordon and Rachel, who are both part of a team with a very capable male partner, Danielle has the advantage of being a veteran but without other house members looming as a major threat. Yet Danielle has cunning down to a real art. She can come off as meek and affable but is more like a viper at the ready.

I reserve the right to change this assessment as events in the Big Brother House might require.

Watch this NBC series on Wednesday at 8p/7c, Thursday at 9p/8c, and Sunday at 8p/7c. We’re watching it here so check back regularly for updates, analysis, opinions, brickbats, and snarks.

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