Bravo's Newest Million Dollar Boy: 15 Minutes with Realtor Ryan Serhant

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One thing’s for sure in the world of Manhattan real estate — swimming in the realtor shark pool takes guts and innovation.  Case in point, Ryan Serhant, one of Bravo’s new Golden Boys on the new series Million Dollar Listing New York.

Serhant is one of three top NYC realtors being followed around every corner as they illustrate the art of the deal, each in their own way. On camera, Serhant is flirty, he’s driven, he’s open, and just plain likeable and endearing, even more so after seeing him amble through less-than-passable French in a cringeworthy yet hardline attempt to close a big deal. (Note: he wins.)

With hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals in his back pocket, we can’t wait to see what comes next. Serhant spent a few minutes recently chatting about what makes him tick, and what comes next.

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I’ve been in real estate for a little over three years. I’ve done over $200 million in sales since then and have been the sales director for two buildings in the city. I work with everyone who wants to buy or sell in New York City. Foreigners, locals, celebrities, you name it.

What compelled you to want to do the show?

I saw Million Dollar Listing New York as a medium to grow my brand as a real estate broker. The more people who know what you sell, the better. I also wanted everyone to know how hard real estate brokers work — it’s really a 24/7 job.

How are your relationships with the other realtors on the show in real life? Have you known them long? Has anything changed since the show was filmed?

I knew Fredrik before the show, but I did not know Michael. I now know them a little too well.

What are viewers going to be most surprised to learn about you?

The viewers will be most surprised to learn that I am tender, warm, and cuddly.

You will never really know someone from watching them on TV. I did the things you see me do, and I said the things you hear me say, but there’s a lot you don’t see that was too normal to make it onto the show.

What drives you to be a top seller?

What drives me to be a top seller is that I never stop working. I’m in the office till after midnight, every night. I’m up at 5 AM, every day. When other brokers are in the Hamptons or sleeping in, I’m working. It’s very hard work, mentally and physically, but it’s worth it.

What’s next for you professionally and personally? Will we be seeing you soon in any other mediums?

I would love to do a second season of Million Dollar Listing New York, so hopefully you’ll continue to see me selling property on Bravo. Any other mediums? You’ll have to wait and see. I’m a fan of the element of surprise.

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