Charlaine Harris Talks Lessons for (A Mortal) Life

... because, unlike some of her characters, not all of us have hundreds of years to learn!

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I am very excited about the True Blood premiere. The show is great, but what I fell in love with first was the series of books on which the show is based. Written by Charlaine Harris, these well-crafted sci-fi/mystery novels feature a bit less gore, a bit more romance, and a significantly less whiny Sookie, making me prefer them infinitely to the show. The latest installment was released in early May of this year.

As a celebration of the True Blood season four debut, I thought I'd ask Charlaine to weigh in on my typical beat: her post-college experiences and things she wishes she had known in her 20s. We exchanged a few emails, and Charlaine's answer is as follows:

Here's something I didn't know in college, and it took me a few years to learn it afterward: it's necessary to achieve balance in all things. This is obvious, right? But it's not something that was obvious when I was a graduate. I felt badly for years that my husband was supporting me while I made almost nothing on writing; but now it's in balance, because I can do the same for him. Sometimes that balance is a long time coming . . .

I'm a huge believer in balance and moderation being the key to a happy life, and it's exciting for me to hear someone who's made a real dent in pop culture through a field I highly respect say the same. I think whether it's balance in your personal relationships, balance in your exercise routine, balance in the time you spend at the office versus time you spend living - or, heck, balance in the amount of time you watch True Blood versus other shows! - it's balance that makes for a healthy, happy life.

True Blood airs Sundays on HBO at 9pm.

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