DIY Network's "Crash Week" Blasts Off With The Ultimate Crash

"Crash Week" is entertaining and fun, even if you don't know a hacksaw from a screwdriver.

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How many homeowners occasionally get a hankering to smash down a wall in their homes to enlarge a room? Who wouldn’t love to completely destroy an unattractive living area to start over fresh? In DIY Network’s House Crashers, licensed contractors and their crews take on the challenge of helping inexperienced homeowners rebuild and improve key areas of their homes.

The contractors approach their “victims” at local home improvement stores and offer their services without identifying themselves as Crasher hosts. Those who are trusting and allow the DIY hire to accompany them home are rewarded with a luxurious home makeover.

This week sees the premiere of the second annual “Crash Week.” Premiering Sunday, July 3, The Ultimate Crash: House, Bath, Yard features three of the network’s contractors and hosts, Ahmed Hassan, Josh Temple, and Matt Muenster. The trio join forces for the first time to work on a three-tiered makeover for a California couple.

Hassan, the host of Yard Crashers, works on the yard renovation, crating a new spa and deck to create a relaxing Sierra mountain retreat.

House Crashers host Temple updates the kitchen with improvements that include white-stacked stone adorned walls and a high end wine fridge.

Muenster, Bath Crashers host, transforms the bathroom into a luxurious space featuring floating full-length mirrored vanities and a waterproof TV viewable from both the glass tiled shower and freestanding tub.

The homeowners are expected to be active participants in the renovations, even though they are often chided good-naturedly by their hosts for their inexperience. They muddle through as best they can, sawing, hammering, gluing, as well as wielding sledgehammers to smash in walls, which is mighty cathartic for both homeowner and viewer.  

This one-hour special (which will be repeated multiple times during the week) kicks off "Crash Week," which will feature brand new episodes of all three Crasher shows.

If you need a little extra incentive to tune in, you will have a chance to “Watch and Win” a DIY prize pack. Every night during "Crash Week" a secret code word, along with a text message number, will air during the 8-10 PM ET window.  Each night’s winners will be announced on the air from 11-11:30 PM ET.

The Crasher shows will entertain even those who have no predilection for home improvement. Rooting for the homeowners is fun in itself and the end results of their labors are fun to see and pretty spectacular, too.

"Crash Week" begins on July 3 at 8PM ET and will continue on July 4-8 (8PM - 12AM ET) on DIY Network.

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