Doctor in the House: Former Time Lord Peter Davison Joins Cast of Law & Order:UK

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Peter Davison as Henry Sharpe in Law & Order: UK

From 1981-1984, stage and TV actor Peter Davison journeyed through time and space in a blue British police box as The Fifth Doctor in the original run of the hugely successful British sci-fi TV  series Doctor Who. This incarnation of the iconic Time Lord crossed paths with a number of his old archenemies including the Cybermen, the Daleks, and The Master. The Davison era of Doctor Who also marked the death of not one but two of the Doctor’s traveling companions, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) and the robot Kamelion (voiced by Gerald Flood).

The actor has since reprised his role of the Doctor in several Big Finish audio dramas as well as a handful of TV charity short adventures. While Davison is still fondly remembered for his work on Doctor Who, he subsequently starred in such other series as A Very Peculiar Practice, Campion, At Home with the Braithwaites, and The Last Detective.

Currently, Davison can be seen as Henry Sharpe, new director of the Crown Prosecution Service in the fifth season of Law & Order: UK (U.S. season premiere Wednesday, August 17 at 9:00 p.m. EST/PST on BBC America), a UK version of the long-running US franchise created by Dick Wolf. Sharpe takes over for former CPS Director George Castle (Bill Paterson), who left the series at the end of its fourth year.

“I think Henry is a good boss,” says Davison in a BBC America press interview. “He is very inclusive and listens to what his team say to him. He is not aggressive but if he has to he'll tell them off and put them on the right track. There is no dark side to him. He is in a position of power and trust for a good reason.  I think he's an amiable man. He has made a career of this and thinks he is doing a good job. He can be tough when it is needed and he has to be pretty tough to be in that position.”

Although the actor is a big fan of Law & Order, he admits, “I had to stop watching the show when I got the part as I saw my character's predecessor, George Castle, on the screen and started worrying as I had to step into Bill Paterson's shoes."

Together with Davision, another newcomer to Law & Order: UK this season is Dominic Rowan, whose character of Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne steps into the void left by his predecessor James Steel (Ben Daniels), who also departed in the season four finale. The third member of the team is Freema Agyeman’s character of Junior Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips. The actress previously played Martha Jones, companion to The Tenth Doctor in the relaunched Doctor Who series.

"It has been fun working with Freema and Dominic and they are both excellent actors,” notes Davison. “Freema's character, more than anyone, gets to the heart of the cases. Her position is to raise the questions and nudge us in the ribs. I met her while she was still doing Doctor Who; my children were very taken with her - we are big fans of the show. She helped me out with a video for a Doctor Who convention.

"Doctor Who is a prestigious program now, a front runner for the BBC. I'm very happy for Matt Smith [The Eleventh Doctor] to have usurped me as the youngest ever Doctor - they all seem to be getting younger and younger."

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