Sex and the City 3? The Party Keeps Going

More rehashing of the same tired story line?

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Eight years after announcing that she "didn't want to be the last one to leave the party" regarding the end of the Sex and the City franchise, Sarah Jessica Parker is asking if she can please come back to the party now. 

Last week at the Cannes Film Festival, Parker told MTV that she thinks "there is perhaps one smaller, important story to tell" in a third Sex and the City film, but didn't elaborate further.

Big and Carrie's relationship was a major scenario throughout the series and, if history is any predictor of what will happen next for the couple who has endured several breakups, an engagement, a jilt at the altar, a reconciliation, a marriage, a marital rut, and a run-in with old flame Aidan, I would say they are at a solid point in their relationship to break up again or have a baby. Other concepts could include Samantha finally clearing up that STD, Charlotte having to work in a factory which isn't as special as her museum job or Miranda ceasing to complain. Maybe the small, important story left to tell is that Mr. Big isn't actually a prat.

While there have been rumors about a prequel TV series called The Carrie Diaries, SJP called it a nice thought to ponder and implied she would be open to interesting proposals. Parker also said she would consider someone else playing a younger version of the Manhattan-dwelling, Cosmo-drinking sex columnist we knew in her 30s and 40s.

I was a fan of the early years of the series when the fashion was understated, street interviews with unknown characters were common, and free alcohol was offered at the weekly girls-only viewing parties. These have been called the worst years of the series, but I say those people have bad taste.

I admired Sarah Jessica for following the rock star adage of burning out versus fading away. She ended the series at just the right time, leaving fans wanting more. And fans wanted more indeed; the first film earned $415 million worldwide at box offices. The part two, "Out of Touch Middle-Aged Women Take Abu Dhabi," followed with a meager $288 million, which says that most audience members didn't return to the party. Unless this third film is a two-hour apology for the utter crap that SATC2 turned out to be, I think SJP and crew should leave well enough alone; the story has been told.

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