The Bachelorette: Ashley Makes Her Choice, Sister Disagrees, Men Tell All

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I won’t go so far as to say that Ashley was the most boring Bachelorette in that show’s history. It did get so, I say softly, that her impromptu crying over pretty much nothing got old.

Ashley did make her choice this past Monday night and, God bless, I was right on my prediction. Speaking of rivers of tears for the most innocuous of things, goodness, Ashley surpassed even herself on this Final Rose drama.

When J.P. came to meet Ashley’s family, Ashley’s sister expressed reservations about J.P.’s suitability, which surprised me as the families seldom say much of anything at series' end. Ashley’s sister Chrystie not only told Ashley that J.P. was a poor choice for her, she told J.P. the same thing. And while it would not do for J.P. to shout in anger or storm out in disgust, his ire was very evident.

I’ll give the show kudos for this intriguing ending. I’ve always wondered why the families don't more forcefully express their opinions and go deeper with their queries as to the mate that their daughter/sister would soon wed if the goal of the show were met. If my daughter were bringing home two fellows who wanted her hand in marriage, I’d have an opinion, I’ve no doubt, and would not hesitate to tell her.

Further, as the family of the Bachelorette is encouraged to engage in a private conversation with the contenders, I’d be quizzing those young men about their jobs, how many kids they wanted, where they would live - yes, the sorts of things parents want to know about the people their children might wed.

It’s not that the Bachelorette’s family doesn’t ask these questions, it’s just that they’re more oblique about it, saying subtle things: “are you sure you’re ready for this” to a divorced/widowed suitor, or “are you really in love with [insert name here]?” Of course the suitors respond that they’re very ready to wed. These family members have never, per my memory of the many series I’ve watched, expressed any kind of opinion as to the suitability of the final contenders, one over the other. Most times the family offers a “whoever makes you happy” platitude.

Until last night, when Chrystie early on said she did not think Ashley and J.P. were made for each other. Further, Chrystie endorsed final co-contender, Ben, handily. This turn of events allows for much intrigue as a followup to the romance of Ashley and J.P. For these endings, statistically, do not lead to happily ever after. Statistically, the key players in the series become tabloid fodder. Which is not - go with me here - unintentional. Bachelorette contenders are often seeking fame and attention and if such comes via the tabloids, the old saw is that no attention is bad attention.

If Ashley and J.P. don’t make a go of it, will we have Chrystie out and about telling the world she told us so? Chrystie, in fact, is a very attractive woman. Could The Bachelorette fans then be treated to a Chrystie Bachelorette who will show us how it’s done? Heck, maybe Ben will come back and seek Chrystie’s hand; it’s not beyond the pale.

As for Ben, he sure didn’t take his rejection by Ashley very well. I myself got confused by it all because Ashley’s long sob-fest over her sister’s rejection of J.P. had me believing that Ashley would choose Ben. If my sister were to pooh-pooh a favorite suitor of mine, which has happened in my lifetime, I wouldn’t sob endlessly over her rejection as Ashley did. I might argue my case, or flip her the bird, or storm off from this sibling who obviously does not have a clue. Ashley’s hurt over her sister’s rejection struck me as over the top. I figured if Ashley was that affected by her sister’s opinion she might well choose Ben over J.P. just to please her sister. Or it could be, throwing it out there, that the producers intended to have viewers thinking this.

ashley-jp.jpgAshley’s already out and about being interviewed by the talk shows. I always thought she showed a preference for J.P. and I too pointed out, as did Chrystie, the big age difference between them. My opinion, even though published right here on The Morton Report over the weeks of the series, didn’t cause Ashley to sob with the pain. I wish them the obligatory luck and hope that Ben has a better clue about the female in his life and her feelings for him in his future.

Before this Final Rose, The Bachelorette airs a show that features all of the rejected suitors beside the final two. It’s The Men/Women Tell All show and viewers by this time are eager to learn who received that Final Rose and know the contenders rejected along the way. This year’s The Men Tell All buzzed with questions about that ne’er-do-well, Bentley.

Bentley was a contender who, during solo on-camera vignettes, expressed his disdain and lack of attraction to Ashley. Ashley was not privy to these vignettes. She, oddly, was very attracted to Bentley, who, to us viewers, was a Dastardly Dan taking advantage of this young lady seeking a love he obviously was not willing to give. I’m not sure if this scenario was scripted or not because here’s a young woman with some 15 other men wanting her and she kept hanging around this loser.

Bentley was not on The Men Tell All , which would have made that show interesting indeed. Ashley was finally shown those solo camera vignettes taped by this Bentley fellow who she so adored in the series. Guess what Ashley did? You’re not going to believe this -- she cried!

I’ll give this series a big thumbs-up for keeping the viewers entranced and it seems like a happy ending. Perhaps soon I’ll be writing about Ashley and J.P.’s wedding.

The next big question requiring my complete concentration is who will be the next Bachelor? Will it be the twice-rejected Ryan? Will it be Ben who needs better romantic radar lest he lose his heart again? The biggest question of all: will Ashley and J.P. get married?

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