The Scene One Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Didn't Want You to See

Was there a part of episode 1 that should have been cut?

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The season two premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has come and gone, but the controversy surrounding the show’s return still remains.

Upon the shocking suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell, the producers scrambled to edit the first few episodes of the new season, being as sensitive as possible to the situation by removing certain scenes. One in particular that was left on the cutting room floor was a scene in which Taylor was shopping for lingerie in an attempt to spice up her troubled marriage.

But according to an inside source, one Housewife hoped that the show’s producers would cut another scene from the premiere episode as well - the dinner party at Adrienne Maloof’s home.

“Lisa [Vanderpump] was very upset that the producers weren’t taking out that part,” says the insider.

Was Lisa worried about offending (or is it “upsetting”) Russell Armstrong’s family and friends with the many mentions of his relationship with his wife at dinner, or was she more concerned about tarnishing her own image, and her husband Ken’s after he referred to Taylor and Russell’s marriage counseling as “weak”?

And regardless of her reasoning, was she right? Should Bravo have edited the scene even further to remove any mention of Taylor’s marriage?

Executive producer Douglass Ross assures fans and critics alike that we won’t be seeing Russell in the first few episodes, telling Us Weekly, “At this point, I can’t say if Russell will appear at all.”

But with the season just beginning, and many more episodes to go, we’re sure there will be even more second guessing when it comes to what the network chooses to cut and what ultimately airs.

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