VH1 Debuts Its First Scripted Drama With Single Ladies

A new series about three independent women seeking love and the good life in Atlanta.

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Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, and Charity Shea

AMC's foray into the world of hour-long scripted drama has inspired other networks such as A&E and TNT to get into the act. Reviews and ratings for their shows have generally been good, which could be why VH1, a channel known for its reality shows and music videos, has decided to take the plunge with Single Ladies.

The series, created by Stacey A. Littlejohn and produced by singer Queen Latifah, takes place in Atlanta and concerns itself with Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), Val (Stacey Dash), and April (Charity Shea), fiercely independent women who depend on their wiles, charms, and brains to get what they want out of life. Unfortunately, their best efforts don't always serve them well.

Val, an "ambitious, aspiring fashion mogul," and the most financially solvent of the group, has been through three failed relationships. She hasn't really learned anything from those failures but continues to remain optimistic about life and love. Keisha, the video dancer and mama lion of the group, doesn't take crap from anyone and inspires her friends to follow her lead. She is looking for a rich, powerful man to take care of her but is reluctant to admit how much she wants and needs that stability. April is the youngest: the white woman who only ever dated black men; she is having an affair with the mayor despite the fact she is married to a fine, loyal man who has no idea of his wife's indiscretions. single-ladies-show.jpg

These women can be their own worst enemies, even when they offer each other support, and that is the crux of the show. The bad life choices they've made in the past occasionally come back to haunt them. When threatened with blackmail, Keisha steals jewelry from a video shoot, the way she did years ago. Only this time, she is ripping off her current love interest.

The first two episodes give a good indication of what we can expect from the show, if it goes the distance: relationship troubles, sex scenes, an R&B/hip-hop soundtrack, cameos by well known rappers like Common, Eve, and Queen Latifah herself, and more stiletto heels and tight dresses than you'd find in a Beverly Hills boutique.

It is no surprise that VH1 chose Single Ladies as their first scripted show. It has the look and feel of a music video, the dramatic situations of reality TV, and lots of pretty people in every scene. That said, its three main characters are hard not to like and the writing is occasionally sharp and smart. With Single Ladies, it's entirely possible VH-1 could have a hit on their hands.

Single Ladies airs on VH1 Monday nights at 9PM ET. Visit SingleLadies.VH1.com for bonus content and sneak clips.

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