The Movie Spew: Aaron Eckhart Is Frankenstein's Monster

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If you’re one of those people who gets a twisted glee out of seeing attractive actors get ugly-fied through thick and unflattering makeup prosthetics, then prepare to get very happy. It appears that Aaron Eckhart enjoyed having Christopher Nolan slather Two Face make up over his mug so much that he’s decided to sign up for another makeup-heavy role.

Eckhart will be starring in I, Frankenstein, which, as you probably worked out already, is about Mary Shelley’s infamous science experiment gone wrong. Based on a graphic novel by Underworld scribe Kevin Grevioux, the plot follows Frankenstein’s creature (curiously named Adam for added pretentiousness) who managed to survive all of the lynch mobs of his past and is actually still alive today due to a genetic abnormality that the good Dr. Frankenstein was curiously unaware of.

Now living in a Gotham City-esque crumbling metropolis, the monster ends up caught in the middle of a longstanding war between two battling clans who also happen to be immortal. Whew! That’s pretty complicated for pulpy fun, but admittedly it’s not a terrible idea for a movie.

Screenwriter Stuart Beattie (responsible for The Pirates Of The Caribbean, 30 Days Of Night, and various other titles) will direct and hopefully they can get this sucker into production soon because at last count it’s racing to the screen with at least five other Frankenstein movies currently in development, including one by beloved horror auteur Guillermo Del Toro.

I’m not sure how many new Frankenstein movies audiences will possibly be able to sit through, so hopefully not all of those projects will get made and ideally no one from that Twilight BS will be responsible for any of them.

Johnny Depp to Play Dr. Seuss


Because the man hasn’t gotten his face associated with enough children’s classics, it appears that Johnny Depp will be playing Dr. Seuss in coming movie about the rhyming amateur doctor. Fortunately, it looks like this won’t be some sort of Tim Burton adaptation with Depp playing Dr. Seuss as a cross between John Lennon and Charlie Manson.

No, instead it will be a more straightforward telling of the life of Theodor Geisel, kind of like when Depp played the man behind Peter Pan in Finding Neverland. No one is currently attached to this project other than Depp, but given that he’s probably the biggest star out there at the moment, I think we can assume that this movie will get made, good idea or not.

The Simpsons Will Make It to Season 25 After All


Good news, Simpsons fans! After a week-long dispute between the suits at FOX and the voice cast, it appears that The Simpsons won’t be ending just yet. The actors (and many of the writers/producers) have cut their price down dramatically and now the show will run for two more seasons to make it to an even 25 years on the air.

Granted for at least half of those seasons the show hasn’t been up to snuff, but that’s not the point. If ever there were a show that earned the right to be on TV for 25 years, it’s The Simpsons and the extra time should give all of the writers a chance to plan for an appropriately epic series finale. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t all end up being Maggie’s dream. I don’t think I could take that.

See John Cusack Try to Play The Raven


And finally, what better way could there be to end the news today than with a clip of John Cusack trying to play Edgar Allan Poe in the upcoming thriller The Raven? I think I’ll leave it at that. No need to make fun. The clip kind of takes care of that on its own.

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