The Movie Spew: Russell Brand And Diablo Cody Join Forces In Annoyance

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Russell Brand Will Star In Diablo Cody's New Movie

In an announcement that feels sadly inevitable, it appears that not only will Diablo Cody soon be directing a movie, but she’s talked Russell Brand into starring in the quip n’ pop culture infused project as well.

The film apparently follows a sheltered girl who goes to Las Vegas to experience the sleazy side of life where she meets Brand who will help her find herself (presumably at the end of a drug n’ booze fueled adventure filled with life lessons for both characters).

The untitled comedy with be the directorial debut for the Oscar-winning (it still upsets me to know that’s true) screenwriter. It sounds like pretty irritating, obvious, and tired concept for a comedy. In other words, it’s the perfect material for a filmmaker as “talented” as Diablo Cody.

Brand seems like an ideal star for the stripper-turned-punchline as both the filmmaker and comedian have worn out their welcome by repeating their once semi-interesting shtick endlessly until even their most ardent fans find it difficult to defend.

I think we can assume that film critics everywhere have already started dreaming up ways of tearing this movie apart. Since Cody and company have yet to come up with an official title for the movie, perhaps they should consider Rotten Tomatoes Punching Bag. It has a nice ring to it.

Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume 2.0 (Now With Ears!)

It’s been a few weeks since the Internet was inundated with an endless stream of leaked Dark Knight Rises photos, so I’m sure all of you out there are starting to get the shakes.

Fear not fair readers! There’s a treat for you today. A new set of stills from the film have popped up online, the latest of which features a slightly different version of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume.

Fanboys everywhere cried and howled the last time they got a glimpse of the new Catwoman garb, because it was a fairly indistinguishable jump suit with a pair of goofy glasses. Well today, their fears should be quelled ever so slightly, because this new still shows Hathaway in a skin-tight leather outfit with little cat ears up top.

Comic book geeks and fetishists everywhere can rejoice. Yes, Christopher Nolan’s Catwoman will still inspire teenage wet dreams for the next generation. Now let’s just hope that the movie itself can live up to the insane level of hype that will be generated in the long months leading up to The Dark Knight Rises’ premiere next summer.


127 Hours Inspired Hike Ends Up Far Closer To Film Than Intended

Here’s a story for the “how could this possibly go wrong?” file. 64-year-old North Carolina hiker Amos Wayne Richards recently watched the terrifying true story-turned intense film 127 Hours (that movie where James Franco gets his arm trapped under a rock and has to chop it off to survive) and felt inspired to go out on a solo hiking trip himself, even going so far as to travel to the same Utah Canyon where the real Aron Ralston lost his arm years ago.

You’d think tourism to that area would have dropped significantly after the movie, but not for one man. Sadly, Wayne ended up falling himself, breaking his leg and dislocating his shoulder.

Thankfully, park rangers noticed the elderly adventurer’s abandoned campsite and car, and quickly mounted a search. It took four days for Richards to be discovered after he dragged his mangled body nearly five miles, subsiding on a diet of protein bars and rainwater. The man survived, but let this be an important lesson for anyone who watches 127 Hours and somehow thinks that it looks like a fun way to kill a long weekend.

On the plus side, there have still been no mid-performance ballerina suicides since the release of Black Swan. So that’s something. 

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