The Movie Spew: The Coen Brothers Head to Television

And Werner Herzog vs Tom Cruise, Mr. Ed, and David Lynch

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The Coen Bros. Will Exec Produce a TV Series

The Coen Brothers have long been amongst the best and most unpredictable filmmakers working in America. They always seem to have a bizarro curve ball ready to go and today they have a particularly surprising announcement for fans.

Yes, the Coens are going to television. The sibling filmmakers will be teaming up with Cedar Rapids writer Phil Johnston to executive produce a TV series called HarveKarbo. The comedy sounds right up the Coens’ alley as it will be about an eccentric private detective hired for cases involving Hollywood players and his deadbeat buddies. Sounds pretty damn promising.

At the moment it’s not confirmed if the Coens will be writing or directing any episodes (though the powers that be should consider it since they aren’t bad at that sort of thing). However, in television executive producers tend to oversee every aspect of a project (think Larry David on Seinfeld), so we can assume their voice will be a big part of the series.

The prospect of an hour of Coens comedy being pumped into my TV every week is enough to make me dance a little jig of giddy delight. Let’s just hope this project turns out better than the failed Fargo TV series because…whoo boy, that wasn’t quite the same.

Werner Herzog vs. Tom Cruise (For Realz)

Tom Cruise’s upcoming film One Shot should be a weird one, if only because the diminutive actor will somehow be portraying a 6-foot-5-inch drifter (milk crate manufacturers of America, rejoice!).


However, that might not be the weirdest reason to see the movie anymore. It’s been announced that the baddie in the film will be played by none other than the genius German Werner Herzog.

The director will take a break from his two to three movies per year directorial schedule to co-star as The Zec, an ex-POW responsible for some sort of sniping conspiracy. The prospect of watching a CGI giant version of Tom Cruise taking on Werner Herzog is simply too exciting for words.

Even if One Shot is an absolute disaster, it will be vital viewing for film fans as they will be able to see two movie titans collide who never seemed destined to be together. Now let’s just hope that they become friends and Herzog will get to direct a probing philosophical documentary about Tom Cruise. The world needs to see that.

Yep, Mr. Ed: The Movie Is Happening

Just when you think that Hollywood couldn’t sink any lower and come up with any worse ideas for movies, they always find a way to surprise you. This week it’s been announced that Fox has snapped up the rights to turn Mr. Ed into a movie.


That’s right, the semi-memorable '60s sitcom about a talking horse is coming to the big screen. Hopefully it’ll be in development for a few years before Brendan Fraser inevitably signs on to mug it up with a CGI horse.

There’s really only one way to respond to this news and that is by screaming “WHYYYY?!!”

Listen to David Lynch's Latest Single

Finally, what better way could there be to round out today’s blast of movie news than with a clip of David Lynch’s latest single. That’s right, the man behind Eraserhead and Twin Peaks has decided to give up directing and focus on music.


I’m not sure why, but here’s his latest single guaranteed to skyrocket to the top of the charts. It’s called “Crazy Clown Time” and no, I’m not making that up.

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