The Waterboys Return With An Appointment With Mr Yeats

Mike Scott merges Yeats lyrics with Waterboys music

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Fans of The Waterboys know that Mike Scott, the mainstay of the band, is highly gifted in both his philosophy-based lyrical skill and his musical prowess.  For those who are unaware, Mike Scott was schooled in literature and philosophy. Mike Scott’s interest in literature has contributed greatly to his heady lyrics.

With the popularity of Scott's “The Whole Of the Moon” single from the band’s well-received 1985 release, This Is The Sea, The Waterboys became an important band that transcended the mindless pop of the ‘80s.  From that point, newfound fans backtracked and gorged on the intelligent philosophical musings of the previous albums (The Waterboys - 1983, A Pagan Place - 1984).

Like many bands, once the winds changed, many fans fell away, most moving on to newer things in a rapidly changing musical climate; but Scott, with a constant core of Anthony Thistlethwaite, persevered, creating several more interesting albums that included the transitional Fisherman’s Blues from 1988, and the band’s last work from that contiguous period, Dream Harder (1993).

Interestingly, Dream Harder did not employ Anthony Thislethwaite, but, instead, relied on a large group of session musicians. The core Waterboys fans soon followed Mike Scott into his short-lived solo career. Scott reformed the band and released several more albums (A Rock in the Weary Land - 2000, Universal Hall - 2003, Book of Lightning - 2007) but left off afterwards despite good UK sales.


On September 19, Mike Scott re-emerges with a new Waterboys album that is initially planned for European release only, with US acquisition coming at some point in 2012.  The new album is called An Appointment With Mr Yeats, a work centered on the poetry of WB Yeats.

The album will contain 14 tracks with each title representing a Yeats poem.  Scott’s reinterpretations further reinforces his love for literature, which, in turn, will likely reinforce a fan’s love of The Waterboys.

A visit to Mike Scott’s Waterboys website provides an early listen to a track from the album, “Sweet Dancer.” I’d have to say, based on that listen, that An Appointment With Mr Yeats should make avid Waterboys and Mike Scott fans happy.


  • The Hosting Of The Shee
  • Song of Wandering Aengus
  • News For The Delphic Oracle
  • A Full Moon In March
  • Sweet Dancer
  • The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
  • Mad As The Mist And Snow
  • Before the World Was Made
  • September 1913
  • An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
  • Politics
  • Let The Earth Bear Witness
  • The Faery's Last Song

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