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The first Ride Along was a huge hit for stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in 2014, so it makes sense that Ride Along 2 soon followed. The problem is that there's not enough funny stuff going on to make it worthwhile. Both Hart and Cube are back, but returning director Tim Story is working with paper thin material. Fans of the first may want to check it out and, at the very least, Universal's new Blu-ray packs in a lot of bonus material. But this is hardly a ride many viewers will be happy to take.

The plot is a hash of buddy cop flick cliches. Ken Jeong is on-hand as a hapless hacker who gets wrapped up with a drug kingpin played by Benjamin Bratt. Detective James Payton (Cube) is on the case, but of course rookie officer (and Payton's soon-to-be brother-in-law) Ben Barber (Hart) can't resist muscling his way in on the action. Everything about the 102-minute (feels twice that) film seems tired. Even the easy-going comic charisma between Cube and Hart becomes grating, with jokes falling flat and Hart's shtick feeling increasingly forced. 
ride along 2 BD (304x380).jpg Universal's Blu-ray is, thankfully, not the disappointment the movie itself is: the 1080p high definition transfer is everything you'd expect from a modern action comedy. Audio is presented as a lossless DTS-HD 5.1 mix, with hip hop tunes and Christopher Lennertz's score coasting pleasantly above the usual cacophony of squealing tires and gunfire.

Lots of fun features are really the reason Ride Along fans will want the BD. Director Tim Story provides audio commentary, probably the most substantial of the supplements. Less committed viewers might be fine with the 15-minute "Ride Along Round Table," in which Cube, Hart, Story, and producer Will Packer reminisce about making the film. Further detail is covered throughout "The Ride Diaries," a series of seven shorter featurettes (totaling about 20 minutes). There's a gag reel, several deleted scenes, and several additional featurettes (the best of which being "The New Recruits," which spends some time with series newbies Bratt, Jeong, and Olivia Munn).

Will there be a Ride Along 3? Part two cost a good bit more to make and earned a good bit less than the 2014 original. Ride Along 2 doesn't make a strong case for continuing the series.

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