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At 22 minutes it's a bit slight, but kids probably won't be complaining too much as they hit repeat to watch Toy Story That Time Forgot over and over again. New to Blu-ray (and DVD, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere), this latest addition to Disney and Pixar's inexhaustible Toy Story franchise carries a lower SRP to reflect the film's brevity. That said, no one could be blamed for feeling that this film (much like 2013's Toy Story of Terror!) plays more like a cool bonus feature than a main attraction.

The great news for fans of all ages is that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are back to voice Woody and Buzz. And the digital animation is top notch—the studio didn't cut corners simply because this was a made-for-TV short (it originally aired in December of 2014). The story is uncomplicated but carries the potent blend of humor, whimsy, and heartfelt emotion that has always characterized Toy Story. Days after Christmas, young friends Bonnie (Emily Hahn, returning from Terror! and Toy Story 3) and Mason (R.C. Cope) neglect a line of action figures called the Battlesaurs. Reptillus Maximus is their fearless leader and he leads the Battlesaurs, who don't realize they're toys since they've never been played with, in a tussle with Buzz and Woody that could have dire consequences.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Mason are completely absorbed in a new video game system, blissfully unaware that Maximus is hellbent on destroying Buzz, Woody, and the gang. There's not much to it all, but it's a fun mini-chapter in the Toy Story saga. Again, the animation looks terrific and the DTS-HD MA 7.1 goes the extra mile in providing an immersive, cinematic audio experience. 
ToyStoryThatTimeForgot small (315x380).jpg Those wondering if Toy Story That Time Forgot is well supplemented on Blu-ray (relatively speaking, at least), rest easy. Older viewers might appreciated the audio commentary by director Steve Purcell. There's a well-produced 11-minute featurette, "Reptillus!," that covers the origins and overall creation of the Battlesaurs. There are several deleted scenes (about ten minutes total), with director Purcell providing some context in his introductions. "Toy Story Goes to ComicCon" is a too-brief look at just what the title states, featuring a few minutes of reminiscing about the convention by cast members. Geared toward the youngest viewers, there's also a karaoke singalong video for the song "My Unexpected Friend."

File Toy Story That Time Forgot under "non-essential" for general Disney/Pixar fans, but the most devoted Toy Story buffs won't want to pass it up.

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