Blu-ray Review: Year of the Comet - Twilight Time Limited Edition

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The year was 1992. Perky Penelope Ann Miller was a movie star. Director Peter Yates was following up a moderately successful Tom Selleck thriller, An Innocent Man. The movie is Year of the Comet, new to Blu-ray from specialty label Twilight Time. It was a decidedly different era back in '92, one in which a gentle rom-com road picture starring Tim Daly and the aforementioned Ms. Miller could receive a wide theatrical release.

Even then it didn't hang around long, crapping out at under $3 million at the domestic box office. But those nostalgic for the period (and especially wine enthusiasts) should take note of Twilight Time's limited (3,000 units issued) edition.

Written by the estimable William Goldman, Year of the Comet concerns a mega-valuable bottle of wine discovered by Margaret Harwood (Miller), daughter of wine king Sir Mason Harwood (Ian Richardson). Bottled in 1811, a year marked by the appearance of "The Great Comet" (C/1811 F1), and bearing the crest of Napoleon, the bottle is to be purchased from the Harwoods for $1 million by the wealthy T.T. Kelleher (Shane Rimmer). But first the bottle needs to be delivered, so Kelleher sends Oliver (Daly) to get it. It's up to Margaret and Oliver to ward off other interested—and nefarious—parties as they trek across Europe.

As a caper, Comet isn't all that exciting. As a comedy, it's a bit lacking in laughs. But for those who are fans of the cast (which also includes the late, great Louis Jourdan as the villainous scientist Philippe, also in pursuit of the wine), it'll make a nice addition to their BD collections.

Twilight Time's Blu-ray presentation offers a strong 1080p transfer and a lossless DTS-HD MA 2.0 mix. Hummie Mann's score is offered as an isolated track.

Visit distributor Screen Archives for ordering info, or swing by the official Twilight Time site.


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