Criterion's September Lineup: Carlos, Chabrol and Altman Go Blu

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The Criterion Collection announced their September release slate today. The lineup doesn't have any big surprises but it's still a solid list of great films.

September 13 brings Blu-ray upgrades of two of Criterion's older titles: Lasse Hallstrom's My Life As A Dog and Robert Altman's 3 Women. Bonus features on both titles appear to be identical to those on the currently available DVD editions, so these are simply technical improvements. It's certainly nice to see more Altman coming to Blu-ray and 3 Women should look spectacular.

On September 20, two of Claude Chabrol's earliest films come to DVD and BD for the first time in the US. Le Beau Serge is generally considered to be the movie that kicked off the French New Wave movement. It arrives on disc with an audio commentary by author Guy Austin, a 1969 episode of the French TV series L'invité du dimanche with Chabrol revisiting the film's location (which was also his hometown), a 2011 documentary on the making of the film, and more. Chabrol's follow-up, Les Cousins, also includes a new documentary as well as an audio commentary by film critic Adrian Martin.

Victor Sjostrom's 1920 silent ghost story The Phantom Carriage arrives on DVD and BD on September 27. The newly restored disc includes two music scores, the first by Swedish composer Matti Bye and a second, experimental music version by KTL. The disc also includes an audio commentary by film historian Casper Tybjerg, a 1981 interview with Ingmar Bergman, a visual essay by Peter Cowie exploring the film's influence on Bergman, and more.

Saving their biggest for last, Olivier Assayas' 2010 epic Carlos lands on September 27 as both a four-disc DVD and a two-disc Blu-ray. Bonus features are still being finalized but you can expect new interviews with Assayas and star Edgar Ramirez, documentaries, and a whole lot more. Originally made for television, Carlos played theatrically in the US both in its full-length form and in a condensed two-and-a-half-hour version. Criterion's release is the entire five-and-a-half hour edition, so you'll want to clear some room in your schedule.

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