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There are some names in the cast of writer-director Fabienne Berthaud's Sky, now available on DVD via MPI Home Video, that will catch potential renters' attention. Chief among them, for fans of AMC's The Walking Dead at least, is Norman Reedus. Though he doesn't show up until a good ways into Sky, he's deservedly second-billed in a substantial role.

Sky is a ponderous road movie that takes its time getting anywhere, but then doesn't really end up developing into much. Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) leads the proceedings as Romy, a French woman vacationing in the U.S. She's stuck in an unhappy marriage with overbearing Richard (Gilles Lellouche). After violently lashing out against her husband, leaving him presumed dead, Romy strikes out on her own. She's no sociopath by any means. While she clearly did not love her husband, nor did she appreciate his unwanted advances after his night of drinking, she feels a range of conflicting feelings.

In Vegas, Romy poses for tourist photos while dressed in a silly "showgirl" outfit, flanked by cheesy Elvis impersonators. She gets mistaken for a prostitute by Diego (Reedus), a sullen man who prefers the company of working girls. They take a shine to each other and the rest of Sky charts the spark of a new love affair. Kruger tries hard to make something interesting out of Romy, without quite succeeding. Reedus glowers much like he does as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Lena Dunham, Joshua Jackson, and even Lou Diamond Phillips (in an odd cameo) turn up in supporting roles.

Sky plays out with a general lack of humor, numerous annoying rock tunes as its soundtrack, and a mumbling, self-consciously low key tone that its talented cast can't save. Not recommended for anyone outside of Norman Reedus' hardest-core fan base. Sky was awarded the Platform Prize at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it premiered in 2015.

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