This Week On DVD/BD: Leone's West, Kubrick Collection, Cage's Angry

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It's a busy week at the video store with several long-awaited classics making their Blu-ray debuts. My pick of the week is Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West, new on Blu from Paramount. Paramount has lagged behind the other studios in terms of releasing their catalog titles on BD, so this announcement came as a pleasant surprise. If you've never seen this movie before, stop what you're doing and go pick this up. As good as Leone's westerns with Clint Eastwood are, Once Upon A Time In The West raises the bar and Paramount's BD provides a stunning way to see it.

Elsewhere, Warner Bros. returns to the Kubrick vaults this week, releasing the 10-disc Stanley Kubrick: Limited Edition Collection on Blu-ray and Stanley Kubrick: Essential Collection on DVD. Included in the new set is a new anniversary edition of A Clockwork Orange, also available separately on Blu-ray. And if you've already ponied up the cash for Kubrick's movies on BD and don't want to buy them all over again, the previously unavailable Barry Lyndon and Lolita are also available individually, albeit exclusively through Amazon.

Other new to Blu titles available this week include Ridley Scott's Legend and George Lucas' American Graffiti (both from Universal), the westerns Big Jake, Rio Lobo and A Man Called Horse (from Paramount), and Dario Argento's giallo shocker The Cat O' Nine Tails (from Blue Underground).

The big new release this week is Nicolas Cage's 3D flop Drive Angry, available in a variety of fruit flavors (including DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D) from Summit. Javier Bardem's Oscar-nominated turn in Biutiful is new on DVD and Blu-ray from Roadside Attractions. And for something completely different, check out Passion Play (on DVD and Blu-ray from Image) with Mickey Rourke as a jazz musician who falls for an angel (Megan Fox) held captive by gangster Bill Murray. Or don't... there's probably a reason this played theatrically for about five minutes before heading to video.

Finally, on the TVD front, HBO brings True Blood: The Complete Third Season to DVD and Blu-ray. I've tried and failed to get into this show but I know it has a lot of devoted fans, so if you're one of them, enjoy. Also available: MGM wraps things up with SGU: Stargate Universe - The Complete Final Season (on DVD only for some reason, despite the fact that previous seasons appeared on Blu) and Universal offers up Psych: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD.

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